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Amazing Johnathan Says Goodbye To Vegas

December 21, 2012 at 10:48 AM | by | ()

The Amazing Johnathan is quitting Vegas.

A long-running Vegas mainstay, Johnathan recently began a residency at Bally's. But, he's giving up after reportedly receiving no love from Caesars Entertainment when it came to letting folks know he was actually there.

Johnathan let fans know about his decision via his Facebook page early this morning:

Yes, we have ended our run in Vegas after 13 years. That is plenty long enough. I get it.

It turned out the killer deal offered The Amazing Johnathan wasn't so killer. (shocker!). I noticed this very soon when I began dreading going to work each night. This was mainly from seeing a lack of advertising. Even after playing there for three months there were still more signs advertising acts that weren't even playing there any more. It was death for me. There were NO signs to even tell people where the room was.

Did they know they had The Amazing Johnathan, international headliner, playing in their hotel? I felt like an opening act that was accidentally double booked into a banquet room. It was like playing a mismanaged comedy club but without the horny waitresses & cocaine,

Sometimes I miss the old Vegas when they would, at least, look you in the eyes when they lied to you. I recall the days where the casinos would try to help you out instead of making everything so fucking hard. I'm used to a standard, although very low, that isn't here anymore. So, after asking nicely a dozed times, I just stopped showing up. I think they should have noticed by now.

It just felt right. It still does.

Thanks to everyone! What a blast!

Johnathan had also bemoaned the lack of advertising for his Halloween haunt at the Las Vegas Club as well. Over the years, he has taken the stage in Vegas at Harmon Theater and the Golden Nugget.

One final point, it's not clear if Bally's knows that it's lost something amazing. They're still selling tickets to Amazing Johnathan on their website. If you have tickets of your own, contact the hotel directly to find out what's up.

Thanks to VegasChatter fan sammasseur for the tip.

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Archived Comments:

this takes me back

Grew up in the 80s/90s watching him on show's like A&E's Evening at the Improv.  Got the chance to see him live in 1999 at, I believe, the Riveria which was apparently at the start of his residency.  While funny, I was disappointed that he hadn't written any new material since the 80s.  I wonder if he was still using the same old act.  Still, I hope he finds a new home.

SHOWBIZ in Vegas!

I feel for him...CET has never taken care of their entertainment folks like they should and Johnathan (probably) is doing the right thing.

I've enjoyed his Show over the years even if he hasn't added much to his routine...he's always been unique and Psychic Tanya is a blast too!

Do what ya gotta do Johnathan...I'll be on the look out for ya!