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Where To Find The Best Video Poker In Las Vegas

December 21, 2012 at 4:15 PM | by | ()

We're always looking for the best gambling options at the casino and lately we've been in the mood to play video poker.

This writer's favorite video poker game is 9/6 Jacks or Better where a Full House is paid 9 and a Flush is paid 6 on a win. This game pays back 99.54 percent of what's put into the machine. It's the easiest game to learn to play with perfect (or play close to perfect) strategy. We're not the smartest beer in the six pack so we're always in search of this game. The alternative game we like to play is 8/5 Bonus Poker. Good paying Bonus Poker seems to be more available than Jacks or Better in Las Vegas so we often end up playing some variation of that game.

While not perfect, vpFREE is a great resource in finding what the best video poker games are at each casino and where. Our recent research found the following to be the best video poker on The Strip for games under $5:

1. Circus Circus*
2. Excalibur
3. (Tie) Luxor, New York-New York, Treasure Island

*Note: Circus Circus is the only casino on The Strip with positive returns.

You can find more rankings and links to each Strip casinos' vpFREE page here. As if you didn't already know it, you will find better gambling odds and returns downtown. To no surprise, we found much better, cheaper options downtown.

1. the D*
2. El Cortez
3. Las Vegas Club

*Note: Long Bar video poker at the D has about 94% returns, but there are much better games at the casino.

You can find the rest of downtown Vegas' video poker rankings here. Even though it's not perfect, vpFREE is a great resource for video poker players and it's updated regularly. The site isn't great, though, when you're out and about. Bookmarking the vpFREE mobile site on your smartphone is a quick and easy way to search for the best video poker games when on the go.

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Umm...In Early December I found no playable DDB at MGM properties. Mostly 75 DDB. Most Caesars props had 9/5 DDB.


thanks for sharing.