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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Sure Loves Fremont Street

December 21, 2012 at 12:43 PM | by | ()

Has it really been almost a year since big-time film stars actually walked among us? No, not the cast of that Liberace movie or Hangover 3. But, "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone." Yes, in those far off innocent days of January 2012, Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde and James Gandolfini were all over The Strip and downtown filming a madcap magicians comedy.

See that photo above? We saw them filming that very scene while stuck in traffic, sitting on the Deuce, heading to Fremont Street. And, now it all makes sense.

The fresh out-of-the-box movie trailer is here and the film has turned out kind of how we imagined. The two Steve's play Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton, a kind of Siegfried and Roy duo who have broken up. And, Jim Carrey plays a tattooed street magician desperate to take over their former kings of magic crowns. Well, that could be based on anyone.

Anyway, you can make out plenty of Vegas in the clips and we're cautiously optimistic. Alan Arkin never lets us down. Strip performers David Copperfield and Brad Garrett also have roles. And, Jonathan Levit is the magic consultant who we know is a very smart guy. There might just be enough intelligence in the mix to help this rise above the comedic norm. "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" opens March 13.

(Photos: Facebook, Daily Mail)

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