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An Asian Feast at Red 8

December 27, 2012 at 4:50 PM | by | ()

We've walked by Red 8 at Wynn countless times enjoying the aroma and saying that we need to try it. Well, that day finally arrived.

Like many of the restaurants at Wynn, the decor is warm and comforting. As you'd expect from the name, Red 8 is heavily covered in red. The casual comforts of wood tones keep you from getting angry. Or, at least that's what we told ourselves. Black is the other color you'll notice in the decor and this works well with both the reds and wood tones. Red may be the color of anger, but not here.

Red 8 isn't just Chinese food like Ping Pang Pong. Rather, it has dishes from a variety of Asian countries from China to Korea. People say that variety is the spice of life and they aren't wrong when it comes to dining at Red 8.

When dining anywhere at Wynn, we expect to see high prices and Red 8 was no exception. Just about everything on the menu was about twice the price as you'd find at your favorite local Asian takeout joint. If we came across this kind of pricing at Harrah's, we'd be shocked and, probably, walk out but we expect this at Wynn so we were prepared. At least the food held up to the prices.

Everyone at the table started with a $13 bowl of hot and sour soup. It was a great way to begin the Asian feast we had coming. Our feast included dishes from just about every animal on the menu. Cow was represented by Mongolian Beef, our chicken came both sweet and sour, the shrimp were Kung Pow'd and our pig was treated with a touch of Hong Kong BBQ. We actually doubled up on the pork with some BBQ pork fried rice. DELICIOUS!

By the end of dinner, every plate was clean. Each dish had its own unique quality that really showed off the chef's talent. While prices may be half the price at the take-out joints, everything we tried was worth the price. The Mongolian beef was tender and flavorful, the sweet and sour chicken wasn't over sauced or greasy (both common take-out problems) and the BBQ pork was perfectly cooked and gently glazed.

Prices aside, dining at Red 8 was fantastic. The decor was soothing enough for a hangover and we were treated to the top notch service we expect from Wynn restaurants. On top of everything was a very light Asian meal. We won't sugar coat it, we ate like pigs but felt great after the meal. With Asian dining there's sometimes a heavy feeling after the meal, but not at Red 8. Everything was prepared expertly. That's the difference between take out and fine dining.

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