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How To Find Out About Jobs With Downtown Grand (And, When To Expect It)

December 27, 2012 at 7:04 PM | by | ()

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The excitement is building about the return of downtown's Lady Luck opening of Downtown Grand. While we keep you abreast of the construction and show you what the future holds, others are more interested in the 600 full-time jobs it will bring to the city.

VegasChatter fan April queried us about the best way to apply so we reached out to Fifth Street Gaming, its owners, to find out. A top executive let us know that they're already searching for senior leadership positions on sites like LinkedIn and suggested that interested applicants keep an eye on their LinkedIn page, as well as follow them on Facebook at Fifth Street Gaming and Downtown3rd, or watch fifthstreetgaming.com for more employment options as they come online.

The most revealing information provided, however, is the timeline for hiring because it clues us in on a more specific opening month other than the 'fall/late 2013' date long bandied about:

We expect to start hiring for the mid level management around 6 months from pre-opening (~April) and line level staff around 3 months out (~July).

So, there you go, folks. Mark your calendars now. While you wait, we'll continue to keep you apprised of all the Downtown Grand news we uncover.

DG will add about 650 hotel rooms to downtown Vegas as well as more dining and retail choices when it makes its debut. Rooms are expected to go for around $69 a night on average.

(PHOTO: Fifth Street Gaming)

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This is really cool. So many naysayers (even in the past couple of months) who obviously didn't even go for a look-see at the construction trailers and permitting notices that have been plainly visible at the property since this summer are getting proved wrong.

This is really going to bring some nice life back to Ogden. I'm looking forward to retracing my old downtown habits (from a decade ago) of parking at the Gold Spike and going in for a drink or two, on to the Lady Luck for some VP (as long as they keep the pay tables reasonable), then through Binion's and on down to The Plaza (if it ever gets life breathed back into it).

650 rooms is really a blip in a market this size, so I'm not seeing major issues with absorption. And with any luck, this will finally put the pieces in place for Binion's to see an ROI on hotel room restoration.