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Best Show of 2012

December 28, 2012 at 5:01 PM | by | ()

VegasChatter tested, Ron Jeremy approved.

Cue Carly Rae because VegasChatter's 2012 winner for Best Show is a repeat winner that gets stuck in your head (but in a good way). An award dedication could focus on the year's flops, misses, and same old, same old. We could be accused of being lazy or hard to impress. Detractors could point to our fondness of Sweets or a fat fetish.

But, that would detract from the spectacular that is Absinthe; a show for boys and girls of all ages - or at least those not afraid of f-bombs, sock puppets, sex, and titties. Absinthe is a repeat "Best Show" winner because it continues to be an innovative, hilarious, raunchy, fat-defying circus of a shit puppet show worth every penny. Those that have seen the show know what we did there.

If you haven't seen it, go. If you have seen it, go again. The Strip's best dressed host named Gazillionare gets down and dirty twice a night Wednesdays through Sundays, 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets start at $89.

Runner-Up: Empire

Yes, we know, a one-off, probably never to be repeated, event is the unfair runner-up. But, we witnessed 35 live shows this year, Absinthe twice, and yet the memory of the dress rehearsal staging of Empire inside the Absinthe tent sticks with us stronger than anything else we saw this year. (Cue man balancing a feather on dinosaur bones.) We said it back in May. It still holds true today. Born from the same dysfunctional Spiegelworld family, but created and themed for a New York run, it was a parallel universe sibling of Absinthe. And proof positive the creative petri-dish under their big top didn't create a one-off fluke.

Absinthe will never be for everyone. First time in Vegas? See Cirque. We recommend O. A repeat visitor and looking for an intelligent and unique performance? See Penn & Teller. But, have an open mind? Absinthe is the show. Even on repeat visits. And, Empire proved our opinion was right.

There are more shocking productions out there. But can they genuinely entertain as well? Cirque offers more elaborate routines. But, where else are you that close to genuine danger? An excessive melding of theatre, circus and vaudeville tradition. And, moments that you'll remember as "Only in Las Vegas." We just wish they'd consider bringing Empire back to The Strip so you'd get to see it, too.

[Photos: Absinthe, VegasChatter]

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Hedgehog Seal of Approval

Kudos to Chatter staff for hitting the bulls eye on the best and worst shows of the year.  I revisited Absinthe last month just to see if it was as good as I thought it was the first time.  If anything, it was better and contained enough changes to make it worthwhile even for those who've seen it before.