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Best Vegas TV Show Of 2012

December 31, 2012 at 4:32 PM | by | ()

"Vegas Strip" is great on many levels and that's why it's our fave of 2012. Its semi-staged reality tickles our need for Vegas scenery while capturing an average weekend on the Vegas Strip for many of us. While Travel Channel and its sister station, Destination America, are still airing TV shows about Las Vegas from 20 years ago, "Vegas Strip" takes place on today's (or last year's) Vegas Strip.

"Vegas Strip" is hidden on TruTV and is in its third season. If you're not familiar the show, it is essentially a less serious version of the show "Cops" that takes place on the, wait for it, Vegas Strip. This makes sense since the show is produced by the co-creator of “Cops,” Morgan Langley.

While "Vegas Strip" focuses on cops busting petty criminals (mostly for too much booze or drugs), it's great eye candy for anyone that craves to see Las Vegas. Unlike the Worst Vegas Mistake of 2012, this show takes place in the Las Vegas that most people know and love and not the homes of rich old broads nobody knows.

The first "star" of "Vegas Strip" was Sergeant Tom Jenkins who understood that this "Cops"-style show wasn't to be take too seriously. He's since made way for some younger up-and-coming fun cops. The younger, shaved head partners, officers Bill Steinmetz and Jason Torrey, have become the breakout stars of this season of "Vegas Strip." They're kind of goofy and seem to be ok with people peeing in the Bellagio Fountains if it makes for good fun TV. The hairless partners are easy to find as they're generally patrolling in front of a Caesars property with their bright yellow LVMPD polo shirts.

Besides the great Vegas scenery, "Vegas Strip" isn't based on one set of people. On any episode, stars of the show can range from police officers to random Vegas tourists that are caught doing something fun, stupid and/or illegal. Whatever the case, our DVR can't get enough!

Runner-up: Pawn Stars

The other Vegas TV show we still can't get enough of, even after three years, made stars out of a family of Vegas pawn store owners. Not only has celebreality star Rick Harrison taught us it's really not worth it to bring anything to a pawn shop how to negotiate, he's inspired awesome memes and gave us a great drinking game, too. (C'mon, who hasn't chugged something when you've heard "buddy" during a Pawn Stars marathon?)

Not only do we have a few more seasons of seeing who will walk through those doors, 2013 will also bring Pawn Stars slots to the casino. Look for new shows to air next week starting Monday, January 7. We'll tell you when you'll need to bring a buddy with you to the casino floor.

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Archived Comments:

Jumped The Shark

I was a big fan of Pawn Stars from the very first episode, but confess I'm burning out on it. (Admittedly probably because I was ahead of the craze).

Don't get me wrong, I hope the show goes on forever and continues to be a nice reflection of Las Vegas. But the "storyline" where Corey nearly left for another job was the final straw for me. Really?

Chumlee is making a reported 25k per episode, so you can only imagine what Corey is making. In addition, he's in line to inherit the business. No way in hell he'd walk away from that.

I hope it doesn't start to morph into just another reality show, but that wasn't a good first sign.