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Favorite Vegas Celebrity of 2012

December 31, 2012 at 8:14 PM | by | ()

We know. She's been in town for all of a month. But, the curv-licious Coco is the celeb we've most enjoyed stalking in 2012. And, no, it's not just dat ass. Or, those DDs. Although, we're not complaining.

No, we love Coco as much as Ice does because she keeps it real. Or, at least realer than most reality divas. And, with the exception of two of her breast, err, best points. But, we digress. She loves herself and isn't afraid to show it. Or, rather show it off. And, man, does she flaunt it. Now, almost nightly on the Vegas stage in Peepshow.

Is Coco the most amazing performer on The Strip? Certainly not. But, she's not expecting to be. Nor, are we expecting it of her. We're just in search of a good time and she wants to give us one. And, if you're clued in to that, you'll heart her as well. In just over 30 days, she's brought us a new look at an old show, a new Vegas mistake to be scandalized about, has already hit up the Goretorium, and is set to ring in New Year's Eve with Ice at LAX. Looks like she's settling in just fine.

Runner-up: Melody Sweets

We just can't quit sweet, sweet Melody Sweets our 2011 Vegas Celeb of the Year. Nor, do we want to.

One of the many ingredients of the awesome sauce that makes Absinthe so delectable, Ms. Sweets isn't just Strip eye candy. She'll let you take her home as well. Her Burlesque in the Black CD, described as "if Lady Gaga, Blondie, and Katy Perry had a love child," is for sale on iTunes for $9.99. We've already fallen in love with her Slice of Heaven, but now we're digging her Love Bite, too.

Yep, burlesque's tease queen is tempting to the eye and the ear. And, the heart. VegasChatter guest contributor Rick Lax sent us this YouTube video recently of Melody performing Santa Baby for a Las Vegas apartment building's maintenance staff. Yes, not the residents, but the staff. (That's Rick on the piano.)

Oh, baby. Our crush on Ms. Melody Sweets is far, far from over.

(PHOTOS: Coco on Facebook, YouTube)

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