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Biggest Disappointment of 2012

December 31, 2012 at 2:33 PM | by | ()

It won't even happen, technically, until tomorrow, Tuesday, January 1, but news that The Cosmopolitan would enact a resort fee is definitely our biggest disappointment of 2012.

It seems as if it was just yesterday when the Las Vegas Sun ran a story headlined with the joyous news of a fee-less Cosmo right after its opening ("Aiming to avoid irritating guests, Cosmo won’t charge resort fees," January 1, 2011). A photo caption quoted CEO John Unwin as having a simple reason as to why guests would never see one, "because people don't like it."

Unfortunately, however, bottom lines do and so 2012 will add a $25 per night fee to guest stays, making its views the second most eye-popping experience at the resort.

Runner-up: The Chainification of The Strip

In the 90s, when we were young (in our 20s), innocent (maybe not that innocent) and poor (definitely poor), we went with chain experiences all the time -- dining at Macaroni Grill and Red Robin, staying at La Quinta, getting our drink on at Gordon Biersch. But, now almost 20 years later, we're a little more flush with cash and a lot more discerning. And, still in our 20s, miraculously.

Our expectations and options have broadened and now we know that chain is okay (and, in some but not many, surprisingly remarkable), but unique is so, so much better. Just this past year alone, we've delighted to find tantalizing experiences at first of its kind joints. Drooling over dishes at Le Thai, Honey Salt, and Pop Up Pizza, to name a few. Enjoying our resort fee-less suite with a (balcony) view at The Cosmopolitan. Or, boozing it up at The Griffin or the Lady Silvia.

But, you'll notice that 99 percent of the experiences we cited aren't on The Strip. That's because the trend towards chainification continues to grow. And, grow. On the dining front, this year has seen Carlos'n Charlie's, Senor Frog's and Bubba Gump (just to name a few new chains) open on Las Vegas Boulevard. An okay Cirque show replace a so-so one. We could go on, but you get the point.

And, next year will bring more of the same with Hakkasan, the Delano, DoubleTree, and more, headed our way. We're not saying that these experiences will be underwhelming or subpar, they could be amazeballs for all we know right now. We just yearn for the time when the Vegas Strip was an original and not a copycat. Don't you?

(PHOTOS: The Cosmopolitan on Foursquare, VegasChatter)

Archived Comments:

Agree on both points

For the Cosmopolitan do a complete about-face in a year's time is inexcusable.  No reason to believe any future announcements from them. And, aside from the downtown Denny's and it's built-in novelty factor, there's little reason to go to Vegas and do what you could be doing everywhere else.  But people will support this chain mentality and it will continue to spread.  With a Ruth's Chris moving into Harrah's, I have to wonder how soon before Monte Carlo's Big Belly Buffet is turned into a Golden Corral.

People still hate resort fees

Cosmo didn't have a resort fee when it opened because people don't like them.  Guess what?  People still don't like them.  And I refuse to patronize or recommend any hotel that has one.  Also why would tourists travel to Vegas and eat at the same crummy chains that they have at home.


Agreed. I'm a Jersey Boy. I stay at free comp'd Harrah's properties. I gamble at Casino Royale on the strip or Ellis Island slightly off, mainly to grab a steak special. Downtown is where I focus the majority of my time now however....love me my MSS.