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Worst Vegas Mistake of 2012

December 28, 2012 at 12:20 PM | by | ()

"God", front and center, reminds us to Live Long and Prosper.

Previous Worst Vegas Mistake "winners" have included Paris Hilton, water fees and fired Playboy bunnies. Nominees for this year include bird-brained law students and a since re-designed website, or we suppose that's re-re-designed. But, 2012's biggest fumble is a new reality show doing for Vegas what Jersey Shore did for the Garden State and Extreme Cheapskates is doing for millionaires.

To set the table, we here at VegasChatter are reality TV sluts. Whores when it comes to Vegas related reality shows. But, where Pawn Stars educates and interests us, American Restoration gets us all nostalgic and Vegas Strip elevates the level of respect for Vegas PD, Sin City Rules does nothing but perpetuate long buried stereotypes through staged dramas faker than the siliconed cast with (hopefully) exaggerated gossipy personalities.

We were taught if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all so we'll throw out that the b-roll shots of Vegas lights and sights are nice. But, Sin City Rules is an otherwise forced Housewives rip-off that's so painful even Bravo and the King of Vegas endorsements wouldn't put their stamps of approval on it until offered an exclusive.

It's not that the cast itself is completely dull, even if they aren't the five highest-powered women in Vegas. There's a well known poker player that's managed to retain respect in the industry after emerging unscathed from the Full Tilt saga. Also on screen are the founder of multiple fashion, media and non-profit businesses next to the daughter of a notorious mobster we'd never heard of.

Instead of focusing on the women's challenges and successes, producers want to convince us Jennifer Harman plays high stakes poker at Red Rock Resort and Golden Nugget and that an argument with her husband about a $12,000 loss is fresh and notable. Or, that (Wikipedia-less) Lana Fuchs commits more time to shooting guns, calling herself God and arguing with a former but self-reported current entertainment reporter perhaps better known for being the object of Vince Neil's ...ummm.. attention.

Honey Boo Boo on the same TLC network is more watchable. Side note: Does TLC still stand for "The Learning Channel"? Those in search of stomachable Vegas reality TV can pass on Sin City Rules. In fact, come back Monday for VegasChatter's "Best Show" reveal.

Runner-Up: Surf the Musical

When Planet Hollywood announced an untested, completely original, born and bred in Vegas Beach Boys musical, reaction was hesitantly excited. Expectations placed it in the extremes of real fun show or total wipeout.

Producers spent years securing the rights to 30 Beach Boys songs and landed a recognizable-to-BB-aged-fans name in Adrian Zmed. It seems the same effort and time wasn't put into a plot that stumbled over the singing and dancing. A story whose problems we couldn't label as too much drama and not enough musical or the other way around.

Unfortunately, the two stars of the show, a gorgeous, enormous five-panel video backdrop and the highly entertaining, super talented yet underutilized Nikki Tuazon, couldn't overcome weak Beach Boys solos and shallow harmonies. Surf the Musical, a bold production with lofty goals was too stretched to survive, wiping out less than a month after we reviewed its opening night.

[Photos: Hollywood Reporter; VegasChatter]

Archived Comments:

Sin City

Despite my cameo this show is horrible. The best part are the interstitials of Vegas strip scenery.

Tragic Train Wreck

I have watched all three episodes and I actually first read about this show in the Sun...Eastcoastgambler is right, the best part is the scenery of Vegas.  Until I actually looked them all up on the internet, I had no idea who the "F" they were.  The only that seems normal is the poker player...the rest of them look botoxed and silicon to the hilt...with too much makeup and fake eyelash...this show makes Showgirls look like a family show.  I have to admit, it's a guilty pleasure for me to watch it though...mainly because of the Vegas scenes..and to see the cat fights...but seriously it would be the sequel to Mean Girls....Mean Girls @50+.  
Lana is so full of herself it's disgusting and she is the one that looks like a cross between a lizard, like she calls Alesia and Morticia.  
I look at this show and thought, if I had never been to Vegas before,  if this is what all the women are like, I have no desire to go.

This show is a hot ass f'n mess.  

I Watch Sin City Rules

I can't lie, I watch Sin City Rules, and I'm sort of addicted. It's a very hot mess, and I only feel like the show would've been better if it wasn't so blatantly forceful of what Vegas is, yet they aren't portraying the Vegas I've visited. Maybe had this been the Real Housewives it wouldn't have been so... in your face.

The problem I have

Is that they aren't portraying the Vegas Breanna and others visit;  it's not the Vegas I live in.  And it's not even the daily Vegas lives of the women on the show.  If it were advertised as a soap opera, fine.  But don't call it a reality show when it's forced, badly written drama and horrendous acting.

Btw, it's moving to Tuesdays for those that do want to continue watching it.   Or so I heard...