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They Said It Wouldn't Be Done: Cosmo To Get A Resort Fee

Where: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
December 3, 2012 at 7:52 PM | by | ()

Remember when The Cosmopolitan told us, upon its opening, that it would never enact a resort fee? Yeah, well, forget that.

Starting January 1, guests in search of the right amount of wrong will need to pay a $25 resort fee. The charge will include high-speed Internet (a once free amenity that Cosmo started charging guests $15/day for just over a year ago), unlimited local, toll free and domestic long distance calls, 24-hour fitness center access (currently incurring a fee of $28/day) and tennis court access (currently available to guests for $20/hour).

The $25 fee now puts Cosmo in line with the charges being asked for by Bellagio, Aria, MGM Grand and Wynn/Encore.

As mentioned, the fee will be implemented for any stays on or after January 1. And, here we thought Surf the Musical was the biggest disappointment of the year for Vegas. Thanks to VegasChatter fan Brenner T. for the tip.

Archived Comments:

Talk About Change of Stance...

Do you know if the new resort fee will also be charged to gold/ platinum Identity members?  If so, given that the charge covers things that were once free when one obtained those levels of membership, those statuses will become almost worthless.

no fees!

that sucks! one more reason not to go.

Another reason....

....to rediscover the simple charms of the Flamingo, Bally's, Harrah's, etc.  And let the big shots bleed money at the high-end places before ever sitting down to a card game or dinner table.  

What a Rip off!

Um...who needs unlimited telephone calls?

$125 for a 5 night stay? ...I think not

What's new!

Makes you wonder how has the Cosmo been making it work all this time? Why start charging the resort fee now?