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Silverton Opens Bright New (Clone) Sportsbook, Poker Room On Way Back, Too

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Rd. [map], 89139
December 5, 2012 at 2:08 PM | by | ()

Our crush with Silverton has grown a little more. Our most recent trips reminded us about the sweet aquarium and turned up the surprise of airstream bowling. Yesterday, we decided to check out the brand new Cantor Gaming sportsbook and see what we could find out about the, yet to re-open, poker room. We found what we expected and that's a good thing.

The new sportsbook is located just off the garage parking structure. If you're not staying at Silverton, the walk is about 60 seconds from your car to placing your bet. If you are staying at the hotel, it's on the opposite side of the property from the hotel rooms. This walk will take about two minutes. No big deal.

As with every new Cantor Gaming sportsbook you get those ugly red work stations and office chairs to go along with big, bright and beautiful HD TV screens in a setting that's perfectly lit. Since the Silverton space isn't as large as the Venetian, for example, the TV screens aren't as big. To scale, the TVs fit perfectly. Due do the dark ceiling above and dark earth tones of the casino, the TVs are also very bright.

This is one of the few Cantor Gaming sportsbooks that isn't enclosed in its own private space. The Silverton sportsbook feels as if it's a part of the casino with just a small, half wall separating it from the slot machines. The size is similar to the Palms sportsbook with seating for about 100 people. Unlike the Cantor Gaming sportsbook at the Palms and Venetian, however, there is no bar. If you'd like a drink, you'll have to walk to the center bar which is about 200 feet away. If you're in the mood for coffee, there's a Starbucks and, if you're hungry, you can grab a burger at Johnny Rockets which are both located opposite the bar.

Earlier this year, the poker room at Silverton, located in a private room next to the sportsbook, was closed. A new poker experience is on its way. And, while it isn't open yet, we snuck in to grab a couple of pictures before it was entirely roped off. As you can see, the new poker room at Silverton is very red. Very red. Everything is red. The poker room is only five tables large, but there is ample room so that players aren't bumping into each other. There are a few large TVs to keep players occupied in between hands.

We're told that the poker room at Silverton will be open before the year is over. We'll keep you updated. The new sportsbook and poker room fit Silverton to scale perfectly. Both are excellent additions to Silverton which is rapidly becoming this writer's favorite off Strip casino.

Archived Comments:

this place rocks

I leave silverton impressed every time I go.  Have you eaten at mi casa?  Delicious and very stylish.  

@Nick Holliday

I have not tried Mi Casa yet. Not much into the mexican foods. I've been told Twin Peaks is really good. You know I like me some steak.

Lounge Area

The thing that sucks about the new sportsbook is that people are using the slot machine charis around the sportsbook as a lounge area for 2 and 3 hours to watch a ballgame.  Ran into this problem for three days after it opened.  Hopefully The Silverton will address this issue soon.


Those TV's aren't just very bright, how about blinding,  I'm getting a headache just looking at the picture,at least the planes will be able to find the runway at the nearby airport, add in the no complimentary cocktails, and the decor looks like somebody boinked a clown in there, I'll pass.....