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Cirque Du Soleil Readies Mystere for A Big Anniversary With An Upgrade

December 5, 2012 at 7:27 PM | by | ()

If it's been a while since you've witnessed Mystere, three new acts are waiting for you.

Cirque du Soleil's unique fan-festival, Cirque Week, continues and we've been behind the scenes at Mystere to witness a special performance by the Chinese Pole team. These acrobats were plucked from Zed, a Cirque production that closed in Tokyo last year. So were the other pair of new additions: a trapeze act that was a hit in Japan and Ginger Ana Griep-Ruiz, a Tissu acrobat. You know, the ones who elegantly swirl around on those incredibly long fabric strips? This group have brought a new buzz to the production, just as they are gearing up for next year's 20th anniversary of life on the Strip.

There's still a a passion and a deep, warm nostalgia for Mystere among fans and staff. Being the original Vegas Cirque, it's the one most folks have seen. But, the pole act proved to us there's no resting on their laurels and the Zed team members are pushing the boundaries.

If you've not seen them work, these specialists swirl around vertical poles using a special sticky glue on their feet and shoes. It's like Spiderman, without any wires or ropes. Some of the moves defy logic and gravity. One new section involving a pair switching places, inspired gasps.

Introducing the performers, Artistic Director David Gomez was evidently energized by the new influx of talent and promises that next year will be a great year to re-experience Mystere.

For behind-the-scenes nuts like ourselves, we always love it when we have the very rare chance to see the nuts of bolts of a production. Like when the set disappears in front of your eyes to reveal the massive hydraulic skelteon underneath.

Cirque Week likes to share insider info from all departments and participants were allowed to get touchy-feely with Mystere costumes and learn from staff the complexities of keeping this huge show ticking. The costume department is first in and last out and that's just to keep up with laundry and maintenance of costumes that take a beating ten shows a week. And, now, for twenty years, with no end in sight. Hints were made that some special celebrations will be tied to the anniversary next year and we'll fill you in once we receive the details.

Editor's Note: VegasChatter received media access to Cirque Week, however, our opinions remain our own.

Archived Comments:


CIRQUE has always been a favorite of mine and these extra special, behind the scenes Shows are a must see if you can...

MYSTERE was my first and still my favorite. Over the years, 'O', KA', LOVE, ZUMANITY, and now ZARKANA...have left wonderful impressions from what their Shows have to offer...each with their own personality...there is no 'best'.

MYSTERE offers everything that CIRQUE is about. It's simple. It' colorful. It's circus. It's wonderful.

Having seen it probably a dozen times since it opened, I continue to stay in touch with it and enjoy it every time. I'm looking forward to the additions and changes...

One change that hasn't been mentioned and is a major one...
is the loss of 'Big Baby'
FRANCOIS DUPUIS was one of the original cast of MYSTERE.
He wore the diaper and bonnet in his character of 'Big Baby' and would choose a guy
from the audience he'd call...."PAPA' (remember?)
FRANCOIS died a short while ago...in his sleep.
His memory will stay with me as I watch the Show again and MYSTERE will continue...

As folks pick apart all these CIRQUE Shows...each finding their favorites, recommending this, not recommending that...MYSTERE is usually at the top of the list to start your CIRQUE DU SOLEIL experience with.

(MYSTERE also has the best Pre-Show fun...be in your seats aprox. 15min. before showtime)

Upper Rear centerish is the place you want to sit...
Clear your mind, sit back, and simply enjoy.....MYSTERE!


You're right. Thank you for the reminder of his passing. He did play a memorable role in the show.