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Du-Par's Not Coming To Strip (Soon), After All

December 5, 2012 at 5:44 PM | by | ()

Today, we heard some news that made us feel the same way we do when we get down to the last few bites of Du-Par's fluffy gold pancakes -- wanting more, but appreciative of what we had.

Back in August, our favorite downtown diner thrilled us with news that a second location was headed to Vegas, this one on the Strip and by year's end. After the announcement, the Internet blogsphere was abuzz with rumors that Du-Par's would land at the Riviera, but that's not to be. In fact, a second Vegas location isn't in the immediate future for Vegas, at all, anymore.

Du-Par's told us earlier today that a Riviera locale is "off the table." But, gives us hope that, some day, we'll see another Vegas venue by saying it isn't out of the question. Until then, we'll continue to head to the Golden Gate for the best pancakes in town.

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