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What Are We Gonna Do With All This Funny Money?

December 6, 2012 at 2:01 PM | by | ()

We were sitting at a video poker machine while sipping on a beer at Suncoast when we were tapped on the shoulder by someone resembling a security guard. "Uh, oh." As it turns out, Suncoast staff just had similar colored shirts to security. They were merely getting our attention for a promotion where they chose people to receive random amounts of slot dollars as a prize. BOOM! We won $150 in machine play! The only caveat was that the money had to be used by midnight or it would go away. Yay! Now what?

This trip to the casino was designed to last a couple beers which would take about an hour or so. Now, we were flummoxed. What to do with this newfound play money? The money would turn into real cash if we'd won anything but, for the time being, it was just funny money. There were way more options to spend the money then we were prepared for.

Since there was only had a couple hours to use the slot dollars, we wouldn't be able to spend the money playing .25 cent video poker. Our video poker skills are pretty good, but it's doubtful that we'd be able to turn $150 of fake money into real money in this amount of time by playing quarter video poker. There were a few other options: Increase the denomination of the full pay video poker from .25 cents to $1, play $1 or $5 slot machines (knowing that the higher the denomination the slot machine, the better the odds), Dump all the money into Megabucks and go for riches or simply bounce around Penny Lane for a couple hours messing around with a variety of new slot machines.

In the end, we decided on a combo of everything as not to be too frivolous with this gift and have fun with the money while being smart with some of it. We did all of the above and walked away with a few hundred real dollars and played some new games that we'd never otherwise try.

But, we want to know -- what would you do if you won $150 in slot play to use in two hours? Let us know in the comments below.

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Archived Comments:

What about...

I've always wished there was a little donation box or something next to the ticket redemption machines... it's useless for me to gamble with 7 cents here, 24 cents there... when you redeem your tickets you can't even gamble with your change money anymore on the strip so... why not give us the option of donating it?  That money means very little too me, but it would add up if everyone combined them together.  Usually I just leave the change in the machine for who steps us next, but even that seems useless.

Depends On Time

If I literally had to be out the door in 5-10 minutes, I'd play $5 video poker loaded. Even quads would be a nice payday.

If I had a bit more time, I'd play $1 video poker with $100 of it, and reserve $50 for Megabucks.

Stay with VP

If I needed to be gone fast I would find a VP Quad (3 reel) machine for one buck...

Max bet would be 15 bucks and give you at least 10 shots at a big payday..

I normally plat 25 cents max so even dollar max on single would be a treat.

btw...I hit a royal my last trip out in Nov...;-)

Spend it how?

I would play $1 slots on max spin until I ran through the $150. Then I'd keep what ever I made from those spins.

Funny money

Wow, 2 hours to spend $150.  I could go through that on a .25 video poker machine.  I play pretty quickly.  Put $10 in a machine and after the initial $10 was gone pull out the winnings whatever it is.  

Or like you said, play slot machines, that I wouldn't typically play.