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Putting Your Love On Top Of Harmon Corner

December 7, 2012 at 6:57 PM | by | ()

The next time you walk by Harmon Corner's ginormous big screen, don't be surprised if your partner heaves a heavy sigh, eyes it and then you meaningfully or ohhs over how romantic that couple is. Yes, Harmon Corner is now allowing hopeful grooms-(or brides)-to-be the chance to express their love in the biggest, most flashy way yet in Vegas.

Couples who really want to put their love out there can propose in true Vegas style by asking their better half for their hand in marriage on the world's largest LED full-motion screen. You know, the one that always catches your eye at Harmon and Las Vegas Boulevard? For $500, Harmon Corner will give you one minute of screen time and will work with you on creating a unique package of photos, video, and/or graphics to make popping the question an eye-popping experience.

So far, two proposals have taken place, one just this week. The first took place last month. Harmon Corner asks for at least a week's notice in order to make everything picture perfect. And, no, Harmon Corner's big screen isn't just limited to proposals. You can contact them to arrange special shout-outs for birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. If you want to explore the possibilities, reach out to Andy Houston at ahouston@brandedcities.com.

(Photo: Branded Cities)

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Little Steep...

$500 should buy a little more than one minute. That is the equivalent of $30,000 per HOUR.

Wonder what it costs normal advertisers per minute...


Could someone block this spammer, please?


It's been deleted!