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A New Way To Play Video Poker

February 15, 2012 at 4:43 PM | by | ()

Casino gambling for us started with the Big Six wheel and extended to other table games like blackjack and craps. It wasn't until a couple years ago that we started playing video poker. We didn't know anything about the strategy, but our friend was getting comps hand over fist from only playing video poker and we wanted some of that love. Like we did with the other games, we learned proper strategy for playing video poker and learned what the difference in games were.

Our preferred video poker game became 9/6 Jacks or Better. The 9 is the payout for a full house and the 6 is the payout for a flush. These are the hands that fluctuate and change odds for video poker. 9/6 JoB (as the cool kids call it) has the most simple strategy for playing properly. This also maximizes how our money is spent. Unfortunately, it's hard to find this game on the Vegas Strip so we've learned some other game strategies.

We tend to play less video poker on The Strip because we can't find our preferred game. Last week, we were exploring the Summerlin suburbs and happened upon Rampart Casino. After a quick check of the best video poker payout resource, vpFREE, we found that they have our favorite game 9/6 Jacks or Better in a new format. Sure, we could play one hand at a time, but what fun is that when you can play 10 hands at once?!

While we like video poker we get bored very easily. This is why we'll normally play a higher limit game than quarters. The money goes up and down quicker so we don't have time to get bored. Playing a .05 cent game wouldn't interest us, but playing 10 games at once will keep our attention. That turns out to be $2.50 per game (.05 minimum per line x 5 credits for max odds x 10 games) which is somewhere between quarters and what we'll normally play. The 10 games at once kept us playing longer than we expected. A Royal Flush didn't hurt our fun, either! We did learn that not all Royal Flushes are created equal -- 4,000 nickels isn't as much fun as $4,000 dollars.

We'll definitely return to Rampart Casino to play this game again. We're always on the lookout for different games. What are your favorite video poker games?

Archived Comments:

Fitz and Palace

Both Fitzgerald's and Palace Station offer 8/5 bonus with a progressive royal. Played properly, that is very close to 100% payback. In addition, Fitz offers progresssives on straight flush and four-of-a-kinds.


I believe Fitz had some 9/6 JoB too. Didn't know about the 8/5 BP. Thanks for the heads up.


The Palms has a bank of 50 play penny 9/6 JOB, over by the food court.  They also have at least six 25 cent, ten play JOB machines 9/6 in the middle.


Never noticed that those 50 play machines were 9/6, that's sweet!


Those 50 play machines are only 9/6 on penny.  They drop the pays above that.  

50 play

That's pretty good. I was at Palms on Friday, but not long enough to check that out.