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Come For The Burger, Love The Bacon

February 20, 2012 at 3:44 PM | by | ()

Last week, our brethren in gambling Denver Gambler visited Las Vegas. After grabbing a couple of drinks at The Mirage we decided to get a bite to eat and BLT Burger was calling our name.

We don't care if gourmet burgers are a fad. We like burgers. Our quest for the best burger in Vegas seems as if it will never end and we're quite happy with that. When we go to try certain types of restaurants we usually have a certain dish that we order. For example, we'll either try Osso Bucco or pasta with vodka sauce when trying a new Italian restaurant. When trying a new burger place, we usually opt for a simple bacon cheeseburger with lettuce. While bacon or lettuce aren't what a burger place should be judged on, they're a good way to gauge the care put into the burger. Fresh and crisp lettuce shows care for the vegetables and well done, but chewable bacon are two things we look for as accompaniments to a good burger. These simple touches can make a good burger great or average.

Looking at the burger menu here was fairly quick as we stopped at the second item on the menu - the "BLT." A burger with double-smoked bacon? Who are we to EVER say no to double-smoked bacon?

Our BLT came with double-smoked bacon, lettuce and BLT burger sauce. We were happy with the balance of bacon and beef. The beef was gently seasoned with salt and pepper and prepared a perfect medium. There wasn't much burger sauce which allowed us to taste burger, not sauce. Unlike many burger joints, the bacon tasted fresh (cough K cough G cough B). The bacon was cooked perfectly with slightly charred tips, but not cooked so much that it broke when we bit into it. The bacon wasn't the star of the burger, but it was an exceptional compliment to a very good burger, crispy lettuce and Hoegarden.

BLT Burger has a pretty good reputation and they did nothing with our dinner to give us a reason to think otherwise. We often frequent Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay when meeting friends on the south end of The Strip and BLT may become our center/north Strip spot now.

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Staying at Mirage end of April / beginning of May, and on this trip, I will finally try BLT, which I've been meaning to do for a while.


Same with me! Thankfully Denver Gambler was @ TI when I thought he was @ Caesars Palace so we met in the middle. Hope it treats you as well.


My stay couple weeks ago was at Mirage and we passed by this place everyday! I love burgers--unfortunately, my "diet" doesn't favor burgers so we skipped.  I'm sorry I did--the food looked great each time I went by.  Sometimes one must just have a burger!

(I did go to In-n-Out though. I have to!)