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Freaky Friday: The Musical Fusion Edition

February 24, 2012 at 3:39 PM | by | ()

Fridays may not have been as Freaky as of late, but give magic props to Vegas performers for playing catchup. Today's Freaky Friday unwraps lots of new tricks around Las Vegas where the common theme is magic... and other "stuff".

Tommy Wind at the Clarion

One of Vegas' youngest headliner at 21, Tommy Wind has created Impact -- an explosion of magic and music -- along with martial arts and dancing that presumably didn't fit in the banner. He is one of the youngest magicians to have earned the title of Master Illusionist. At the show, he'll play some guitar, float a guitar, bang the drums, and make those drums disappear.

Tommy once made one JetBlue flight attendant's flight at 36,000 feet so magical, she still has the pictures. He promises to bring his biggest, most original illusions (and music?) to the ground in Vegas.

See the magic for yourself on Tommy's Facebook page and Tommy Wind Magic. He performs Tuesdays through Saturdays at 6 p.m. at the Wolf Theater inside the Clarion. Tickets start at $39.95 by calling 702-990-1525 or you can save ten bucks by purchasing online.

Seth Grabel at the Royal Resort

Grabel opened for the Amazing Johnathan for two-and-a-half years, but he's likely more recognizable from his stint on America's Got Talent. One unbiased website describes him as "fresh, darkly alluring, girls love him, guys respect his skills and he does original things." That same website states he has combined acrobatics with illusion creating Acrobatic Magic. But, those zippers above point to comedy, magic, and burlesque. One thing for sure is that fans can purchase a Best of DVD ($20), Seth Grabel head shot (free plus $2 shipping), or balsa wood airplane ($5) on his website.

Grabel performs at 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday at the Royal House Showroom inside the Royal Resort. General admission tickets are $48.90. Call 702.735.6117 for more info.

Avant Garde at The Plaza

Music, mirth, magic and mayhem come to the Plaza Showroom. Avant Garde describes itself as extreme but family friendly. Ya know, to balance out all this. The show is an "array of entertainers that keeps dialogue to a minimum for the benefit of downtown international visitors". Juliana Chen, the only woman to win the World Championship of Magic in the last half century, stars in and produces the mayhem (and magic).

Avant Garde's cast includes comedians, comedian magicians, comedic illusionists, stunt artists, the Misfit of Magic from Britney Spears' Circus tour, a 'living statue' pantomime artist, a hip-hop violinist, hand shadows and, probably, more comedy.

For info on the show, check out its Facebook page. Avant Garde is live nightly at 7 p.m., dark Fridays. Tickets start at $35.70 and are available by calling 800.793.9332 or clicking on over to The Plaza.

Michael Turco's Magic and Mayhem at the Saxe Theater in Miracle Mile Shops

Another America's Got Talent alum, Turco's show is a family friendly fusion of awe-inspiring illusions, high-energy dance routines and fun audience interaction. On AGT, he produced a countless number of beautiful women from a box, a trick every Vegas club promoter would like to know. Lacey Schwimmer of Dancing With the Stars choreographed the dancing portion of the fusion leading us to believe the high-energy will come as advertised.

Check out the promotional vid, if only for our favorite pronunciation of Saxe Theater ever. The Mayhem gets Magical daily at 4 p.m., dark Tuesdays. Tickets start at $39.99 ($31.98 for children) and can be reserved by calling 1.866.932.1818 or by logging onto Saxe Theater.

[Photos: Tommy Wind Magic; Seth Grabel; Avant Garde; Turco Magic]

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One sticks out

Avant Garde sounds like it has one hell of a lineup. Chen is a master of card manipulation, Alonzo and Finney are both hilarious, and Kevin James has designed illusions for David Copperfield.