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FAB vs. GO: It's Not Even Close

Where: 3555 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89109
February 22, 2012 at 2:28 PM | by | ()

We've stayed at the Flamingo almost weekly this year. Our Total Rewards comp room options have dictated this. As a local, it's great to have a free room to crash when we're out seeing friends. This year, we've alternated between GO rooms and FAB rooms. While both are recent remodels one is by far superior than the other.

Even though the GO rooms are the older renovation, the GO rooms are not anywhere near the same quality of room. GO rooms aren't in the same class as FAB rooms. They're far superior.

GO rooms are priced a little higher (about $20 per night) and with good reason. The GO rooms are entirely renovated while the FAB room remodel decided to omit sprucing up the bathroom. Bathrooms can be expensive to renovate, but a simple glaze on the tub and a re-grout of the tile would have gone a long way to making the FAB rooms look a little more than half-assed. In fact, on Super Bowl Sunday, our FAB bathroom had multiple stains in the tile and the sink had this stain which may or may not have been there since the renovations. Either way, it wasn't pretty.

One of the other major renovations in the FAB room are the fake faux wood floors. The floors aren't really good looking, but that's fine. We're not sure how housekeeping cleans them, but judging from the dirty throw rug we don't think they are using a vacuum cleaner.

The GO rooms make a stay at the Flamingo feel as if you're not staying at an old middle- to lower-tier casino. While their may be too much pink for some people, we don't mind it.

The GO rooms were renovated from top to bottom with quality products. Want another example of the better care put into the GO room? Compare the treatment of the same plasma TV that is available in both rooms.

The difference is that the GO room has a high definition picture and Music Choice while the FAB room has standard definition and no Music Choice. While television isn't the most important thing in a hotel room it's indicative of how Caesars Entertainment chose to treat the room renovations. GO rooms are treated like a fine steak, where the FAB rooms feel as though we're having a burger from McDonald's .99 cent menu.

You can compare pictures from each room in the galleries above. Having had these rooms as comps, we really can't complain too much, but we would never choose to stay in a FAB room. Conversely, we felt very comfortable with the GO rooms and wouldn't mind paying for it if we had to.

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Edit 2nd paragraph?

Had to read it over a few times to figure out which ones are the better rooms as it's worded a bit awkwardly.

"Even though the GO rooms are the older renovation, the GO rooms are not anywhere near the same quality of room. GO rooms aren't in the same class as FAB rooms."

So it's the GO rooms that are better right?  Or am I still confused?


Yes, I'll clarify. East Coast Gambler prefers GO rooms far and above beyond FAB.


You are correct.

From Patrick B. on Facebook

"Got fab booked for next week, but will consider upgrading. thanks"

Better choices than Flamingo

I got married at the Flamingo in October and almost stayed at their hotel. The prices for some reason were crazy and we ended up getting the Rio much cheaper! We were happy we did. The Rio has a beautiful pool and was not over crowded. My Mother in law stayed at the Flamingo and her room was pretty dumpy. I am not sure if there is even a lower grade then the fab? but the room was the cheapest available and it seemed really dated. When she was staying at the Flamingo the pool was so crowded and nuts. It probably doesnt help that Bills guests can use the pool. We enjoyed how peaceful the Rio was and would stay here again over the F any day. If you have a car or rent a cheap car like we do you can get a better bang for your buck. I just hotwired the Palms for $45 a night! We were hoping for the Rio but hopefully it will be a decent stay anyways.


I haven't stayed at Rio in a long while, that's great to here. There are so many great deals available in Vegas right now!