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Binion's is About to Get a Whole Lot Sexier with New Rooms and a New Restaurant

Where: 128 E. Fremont Street [map], 89101
February 23, 2012 at 6:11 PM | by | ()

The resurrection of Binion's keeps getting better. Last week, we mentioned that the old-school downtown casino hotel would be getting a jazzy new bar with a tantalizing new name, Whiskey Licker.

But thanks to Access Vegas, we've learned that the hotel rooms, which have been closed since December 2009 are getting primed to reopen.

We first heard whispers of the room renovations back in December with chatty dealers telling gamblers that the hotel could reopen as early as summer. We even learned that the decor inspiration for the rooms will be the red and black wallpaper behind the Binion's $1,000,000 photo op. And according to Access Vegas, that's all true:

I talked to one of the construction foremen this past Saturday (ran into him at Vato's Cigar Shop) -- who is actually living on-site --- and it is a go. He had some room mock-up photos on his cell phone. I can confirm they are going with silver and red.

But not only will Binion's have some stylin' (hopefully) new rooms, Access Vegas tells us that Velvet Margarita, a popular Mexican joint in Hollywood, will be taking over the coffee shop space. We know, we know, Vegas doesn't need another Mexican joint but we're not complaining about a hip new place to down tequilas in downtown. And at least this restaurant isn't fronted by some aging rock band. Just sayin'.

Archived Comments:

Redacting... Kind Of

Thanks for the credit! While I stand behind the story, I have temporarily redacted it. Yes, the room designs are ready to go and look great.

BUT... turns out that a couple of i's have to be dotted and t's have to be crossed and they prefer to not look like they are jumping the gun. (Although we should note that in the Five Hundy interview, even Derek Stevens noted a pending big new downtown project that he couldn't talk about was a "done deal").

Turns out that the construction person who talked to me didn't understand it was still "off the record" info (nor told me or I would have treated it that way).

So as to not screw up whatever loose ends they need to finish, let me just say that there is significant "rumor" that Binion's is this|close to being back! Seeing it go off without a hitch is much more important to me than breaking the story. I've been predicting the comeback of downtown and just happy to see it!

Ted Newkirk


Velvet Margarita?  NO WAY!!!  This has been one of the hottest restaurants in Hollywood for years --and if they're going in Binion's, definitely things are cooking!

From Mark S. on Facebook

"Hooray! I love this place. nice to see its getting a new face, new rooms, and new restaurant/bar."

Velvet Margarita Veteran!

I'm a Vegas transplant from LA; you can't go wrong with The Velvet Margarita.  And I actually met the owner of Binion's at one of their Cinco de Mayo parties ... so I guess it's finally going down.


Velvet Margarita is awesome. Sexy vibe, great food and margs that will get you good and drunk!

comming in october

Velvet  Margarita .  WOW  WAY COOL .  I hope it's open by OCT  1st