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Leroy's Gets Crazy for March Madness, Riv Even Crazier

February 28, 2012 at 4:52 PM | by | ()

March Madness is just over two weeks away and we can't believe it. For the first time in memory, we haven't watched a single game of college basketball going into conference tournaments that begin later this week. While that makes us a little sad, it's not stopping us from looking forward to March Madness and we found just the thing to help us get amped.

It's rare that we see something new in sports betting, but we just did. Although it's not a brand new idea, we're seeing this for the first time and haven't seen a similar contest at any casinos. Leroy's Sportsbooks are offering a March Madness contest, that's different than most of the homemade backet contests we've seen. Entry is only $25 and it's open now. Here's the skinny:

Entrants need to pick one game each day of the basketball tournament. All games are posted in half point spreads so there are no ties for an individual selection. Entrants can pick either a side bet or a game total.

Once a player suffers three losses, he/she is eliminated from the tournament.

A selection must be made for each day of the tournament. Selections are made on Game Days at a Leroy’s Sportsbook or Leroy’s casino kiosk or at one of the 37 PT’s or Sierra Gold taverns. Prize pool money is paid to the top finishers after the final game of the contest on April 4th (See contest rules for prize pool distribution).

Because we're into sports, we're asked to be a part of a lot of the NCAA tournament brackets with our friends. Frankly, if there's no action, even $5, we don't care. Even if there is money at stake, we still don't tend to care. Filling out countless March Madness brackets seems silly to us. We know many like it, but we keep it old school like that. This contest, however, seems as if it's a cheap and easy way to have "skin in the game" without filling out more brackets. That's something we may be able to get into. Complete rules are available at all Leroy’s locations and Leroys.com.

As we were writing this, we got word that Riviera is beefing up its March Madness contest. We first told you about it last week. The entry fee has been changed to $100, from $1,000 a pop. The grand prize is $500,000. Nothing wrong with that. You can find complete details here.

Archived Comments:

Work around for non-locals?

I like the idea of the Leroy's contest.  Seems like they could go even further and just make it like a survival pool where you have to win to stay alive instead of eliminating after three losses.  There will likely end up being lots of people who get through til the end and it'll come down to tiebreakers anyway.

I don't suppose there's any way someone who doesn't live in Vegas (and doesn't plan on coming out 3 weeks in a row) to get their entries in is there?  Maybe I could find a proxy who is also playing and offer 20% of any winnings.


I'm not too familiar with a proxy, but I think that would be the way to go. The Leroy's contest is definitely geared towards locals.