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Two New Charges Surface in Vegas Restaurants

February 29, 2012 at 7:47 PM | by | ()

The other month we, and several other diners in Vegas, were in an uproar over the ridiculous unusual water fee at the Border Grill restaurant inside the Mandalay Bay. But, now we've discovered two more ridiculous unusual fees when dining out in Vegas, both of which affects the final number on your bill.

A VegasChatter reader tipped us off to the 21 percent gratuity added to parties of six or more at Jose Andres' China Poblano inside the Cosmopolitan. Now, normally, gratuity is 18 percent, but what's really unusual about the China Poblano gratuity is the breakdown.

Our reader found out that 18 percent of the tip goes to the staff, but the extra three percent goes directly to the restaurant for "training and incentives." It's not exactly a diabolical move yet we don't think we've ever heard of this before. And, considering that China Poblano is a casual dining restaurant, why the need for 21 over 18 percent? Tsk, tsk.

Meanwhile, downtown at Le Thai, 702becca noticed on her receipt that the restaurant charged a "rounding adjustment".

It was just two cents from 18.38 to 18.40 but seriously, WTF? Why does the restaurant get to dictate a rounding adjustment?

Of course, there are plenty of restaurants in Vegas that still charge only 18 percent gratuity for groups of six or more and many, many, many more are not in the practice of rounding up your bill, but these new "trends" still sting, and not just in our wallets, either. Come on Vegas, do you want us to eat in your restaurants or not?

Seen an outrageous fee your tab in Vegas? Tell us what and where in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Good to know...

Nice work, Juliana.  These informative articles are what keep me coming back to Vegas Chatter.

Whatever the market will bare

Sounds like the Border Grill was taking a chance to charge its customers $.50 for a glass of glorified tap water.  It appears you exposing this practice made them put it on their menu.

China Polano at the Cosmo- - -you should know the restaurant's rules before you sit down to eat in a group.  It's 6 now. . .wait till it's 4!  

Now, the "rounding adjustment" at Le Thai, Downtown. . .unbelievable!!! But if it was us, we would have removed the $.02 and then signed the receipt.  Or, the next time, let's round down!  This is nothing more than what's going on in clever, corporate America.  The Hershey Bar is getting to be so thin, it'll be a wafer soon.  The newest scam is the air in the chocolate kisses. . .charge more for selling you air!  Where are we headed?   Who knows, but Hershey's went to Mexico.

From CJP Gaming on Facebook

"Enough is enough. Like you said, do you want us to eat at your restaurants, or what...Looks like the extra charges on my Cox (cable) bill."

From Steve J. on Facebook

"LMAO! Rounding adjustment? I bet they never round down!

Two more restaurants to cross off my list. (In addition to the horrible, overrated and overpriced Mix at Mandalay Bay)."

@702 Becca

Did you ask the manager at Le Thai to explain a reason for the rounding adjustment?


I've only seen rounding up for charity, but that's always optional. That's strange that a restaurant would round up for profit.

Le Thai is very popular and if the hipsters are gonna pay the round up fee they'll keep on charging it.  


I didn't. We were trying to beat the parking meter and just barely made it in time as the enforcement guy was walking up!

Rounding Adjustment = Theft

I would consider a rounding adjustment to be theft, plain and simple. Under no circumstances would I allow that on my bill.

Rounding Up? C'mon

Kind of like what they did in the movie "Office Space"

In order to get back at the company, the three friends decide to infect the accounting system with a computer virus which will round down fractions of a cent from accrual of interest and transfer the leftovers into their own account

I hope the servers at Le Thai were at least wearing their pieces of flair.

A Message from Le Thai


I would gladly explain why we do round adjustment up and DOWN at our restaurant. Plain and simple, we just don't want to deal with pennies, and for a while people are just leaving pennies on tables.

The information is on the receipt and disclosed. And if any of our customer is not willing to go forth with the payment with the rounding adjustment, we will of course, adjust to the exact amount, down to the pennies.

I have not yet received any complaints about this issue, until now and indirectly. I'm sorry that you fell that we are over-charing you, which is NOT our intention, we around also rounding DOWN as well.

But never the less, I will make sure to have all transactions are made to the exact change, even down to the pennies. And I hope you will come back and enjoy our food and atmosphere again.

Thank you,
Le Thai


I just checked my receipt again and the rounding adjustment is not explained on the copy I was given. Perhaps it was on the credit card slip I signed? I don't recall seeing it there either, though.

The image above shows my full receipt with the exception of these words that were cropped from the bottom: "Thank you! Send receipt by email?"


the rounding adjustment amount is on the itemized receipt as shown on the picture above, not on the credit card slip. I don't know what kind of explanation would we need to provide.

It shows the amount, how it's added, to what amount. Like I said before I would appreciate that you can come to me in person and expressed your concerns and I would more than happy to work out the details with you.

I have adjusted to your concern and from now we will be making all payments to the exact amount.

Thank you,

Don't mean to be mean but....

Holy Cow! Bad autocorrect or bad writing?

"I'm sorry that you fell that we are over-charing you,"

"I will make sure to have all transactions are made to the exact change"

"I don't know what kind of explanation would we need to provide."

"Like I said before I would appreciate that you can come to me in person and expressed your concerns"

auto correct

It is a combo of both auto correct and bad writing. I can't type fast enough to express how I am feeling. So therefore, I tend to miss type words and leave others out...sorry.

All I am trying to do is explain why things are the way it was, and how I can make it right. And I really hope that you can look beyond my grammar and typos to realize that I am trying my best to accomodate.

Thank you,


We understand what you're trying to convey. Personally, I didn't care about the two cents, but it was fair of us to point out the rounding adjustment to our readers. I almost didn't see it myself so I'm sure others might have missed it as well.

We're glad to hear that it will no longer appear on bills moving forward at Le Thai and we did enjoy our overall dining experiences at your restaurant.