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Big Wheel Keeps On Turning, Now At The Venetian

Where: 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South [map], 89109
February 8, 2012 at 1:49 PM | by | ()

The Big Six Wheel plays a large part in our history of gambling. When we turned 21, and were legally allowed to gamble at the casinos, the first game we played was the Big Six Wheel. We won a bunch of money and we were stoked! Drinks were on us. That was the only time we ever won playing the Big Six Wheel.

As we learned more about gambling, we found out that it was one of the worst games in the casino for the gambler. The house edge for the Big Six Wheel is as low as 11% and as high as 24%, depending on how much money is wagered. By comparison, you'll find many blackjack games with under 1% house edge on The Strip.

It's no surprise that you'll see some of the more attractive dealers stationed at this game in most casinos. That's why when we walked into the Venetian the other day we were caught off guard by this new Big Six Wheel spouting off like a carnival barker in the distance. We were caught off guard by the volume of this machine while wandering the floor very early in search of a cup of coffee. It drew us in to see what was happening, but we probably won't return to play this game.

The Lucky Big Wheel is similar to the automated craps games we've seen in the casinos that don't need an attendant. While we understand the appeal of the less expensive craps game with bouncing dice, we're not sure we see the appeal of a big wheel that yells and spins by itself. We look at it as another way to throw $20 away as we wait for a friend. There's only so many times we can play The Hangover slot machine, after all.

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From Nikki M. on Facebook

"Puff, puff, pass...Better Karma to throw it into a fountain, at least it goes to charity."

the only reason..

While I find most all the hybrids unappealing for similar reasons (all the  stress/annoyance of group gambling, but with none of the actual friendly social interaction!) it seems especially true for the big six wheel given the odds; the only reason to play the wheel in a casino would be for the social aspects, camaraderie of doing it with drunk friends, and/or the attractive dealer (and table-playing quality drink service).  To take those aspects away just so you can more efficiently play the worst game (for your dollar) on the floor is just.... mind boggling.  (Okay, not as mind boggling as my friend who actually played Casino War on the Strip... but still).