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Introducing the D (And, Explaining What It Means)

March 13, 2012 at 7:19 PM | by | ()

Ok, first. Yeah, get a load of the new Fitzgeralds. We mean, the D. We finally can confirm the D. And, it's lowercase "the" like theHOTEL, but with a space. the D Las Vegas, officially. The D Las Vegas, grammatically. But, we digress.

With today's announcement of the new name came new glimpses of the new brand to come, from the exterior image above (featuring a new still-to-come outdoor bar as well as go-go dancers.. and a couple who are really lovin' the new downtown) to swank new rooms (pillow-top mattresses, flat screens, and WiFi, anyone?).

And, here's a look at the new bright red table felts emblazoned with D's:

Let's not forget about the newly opened Longbar, one long word for an even longer bar top:

Earlier today, we got the chance to talk to one of the men behind the hotel's transformation, co-owner Derek Stevens, and asked him the question everyone wants to know -- why the D. If you guessed "D" for downtown, you're right. If you guessed, "D" for Derek, you're right. And, if you guessed "D" for Detroit.. wait, you didn't guess that? You should have guessed that, too.

"We thought the direction of downtown was important. Also, my brother and I, who are co-owners, we're from Detroit. Detroit is a town that's had some tough times but it's kinda going through a resurgence. It's where we're from and we're loyal to the city of Detroit and it's kinda a tip of the hat to Detroit. And, if you're from Detroit, generally when you're out, you say you're from the D. And, most of my friends call me the D so it comes together nicely." -- Derek Stevens, the D Las Vegas

Stevens says he wants to create a brand that attracts customers that are just as loyal as the residents of Detroit. One of the ways he's going to do it is to make the D a major downtown hub o' fun:

"We're going to take 3rd Street to a seven-day-a-week concert venue. We're going to have multiple bands on many of the evenings. We're really going to kick up the Fremont Street entertainment portion and try to integrate that with this property." -- Derek Stevens, the D Las Vegas

Of course, there will also be some entertaining additions inside, including a remodeled second floor casino featuring a "vintage Vegas" vibe and, yes, Sigma Derby, too. It's coming this April and getting it was no small feat:

When we first made the determination that our second floor casino was going to be themed around vintage Vegas, I was the most adamant that we had to find Sigma Derby. So I took a couple of our vice presidents, and it took them a long time, but they were able to acquire one. Then, they had to go to Gaming to get it re-approved as a legal gaming device. Then, we got it refurbed. Now, it is in a warehouse waiting to be installed on our second floor. -- Derek Stevens, the D Las Vegas

And, we've already mentioned the room renovations underway. Stevens says the rooms are a good size with a good ceiling height, but admits they're worn out. He says they're going to be completely new from the "walls out."

In the meantime, the new Longbar has been steadily serving them up. Stevens relays that the initial reaction seems to be "holy sh*t, this is a long bar." We've only seen it in a photo and we already concur.

The last signs of Fitzgeralds may disappear as soon as next week. Stevens reports that the F's have already come down from atop the tower. And, that many of the signs will make their way to the boneyard.

The one thing Stevens wants folks to really understand is the scale of the change, calling it a complete transformation:

It's one thing that everyone is going to see. If they walk in once every two weeks over the next 4-5 months they're going to walk in and see something new and pretty spectacular each time. -- Derek Stevens, the D Las Vegas

Spectacular and downtown. We like the sound of that.

(PHOTO: the D Las Vegas on Facebook, AccessVegas.com)

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