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What Technology Have You Been Missing At The Sportsbook?

March 27, 2012 at 12:11 PM | by | ()

Dude, I can't hear the game. Can you hear the game?

The relationship between sportsbooks and technology has grown quickly in a few short years. Gone, for the most part at least, are the handwritten white boards scribbled with the latest odds. Also a bygone is the annoying no cell phone use rule. In their places are highest definition TVs, electronic odds listings, apps to track bets, apps to make bets, and mobile gaming devices to borrow in making more bets.

Is there room for even more tech in Vegas sportsbooks? Without a doubt. And, last week's Nightclub & Bar Trade Show may have provided a glimpse of the next innovation to infiltrate not only your fav sportsbook, but neighborhood bar in the near future.

How often have you been at the book or sports bar cheering on your favorite team that isn't on the main screen and speakers? Maybe, you're a hockey fan in January through December March. Whatever the reason is the play-by-play you want is silent, a company named Airborne Media Group wants to fix that.

A downloadable app now allows users to connect via WiFi to Audioair enabled TVs and not miss any McCarver-isms. Currently, the only Audioair TVs are in Colorado and New Mexico, but the aim is to bring it to a bar, hospital, airport, health club, and insert-anywhere-with-a-TV near you.

Dude, you remembered your earbuds -- high five!

Fitness nuts everywhere will likely be thankful if Audioair fills the silent void on their treadmill from overhead TVs. But will a group of dudes rooting for their March Madness bets all put headphones on to catch the sideline interviews? Could it give those who refuse to remove the bluetooth a reason to look less ridiculous?

Would you give this app a go in your favorite sportsbook? Under what conditions? And while we're at it, what other technology could make our betting lives easier? Anything that will allow us to plant it and stick it for the day in the book if you ask us. Bring on the comments!

[Photos: eastcoastgambler and Airborne Media Group]

Archived Comments:

Apps & TV's

After watching games at Venetian all I want to see at a sportsbook is a picture that good. It's really amazing. Even on a small bar side the difference of TV's from Binions to the D/Fitz Longbar is insane.

Having the Leroy's app on my phone is amazing. I never have to wait in line to make a bet. If this was available for other sportbooks on all mobile devices I might use their app instead - especially while i'm looking at their lines.


Yep, that's what I was picturing: great TVs, some apps, some appetizers, and not having to get up much thanks to technology.  Bring the sportsbook TO me...  And if the phone is out anyway, at least one earbud probably aren't a big deal?

The bigger the group though, the dynamics chance quite a bit.