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The Fitz Is The D Is The Fitz

March 19, 2012 at 5:37 PM | by | Comments (2)

What's happening over at the Fitz D is fantastic. But, while things will change there almost every week, it's best to remember that the D is still more like the Fitz. Right now, at least.

Sure, there's a fab new Longbar. There's even dancing dealers as of this weekend. The website is brand new, too.

But, if you haven't been keeping up on the changes, sights like the one @_Lucky45 snapped over the weekend can be confusing until the last remnants of Fitzgerald are erased.

Something else that could be bewildering to unsuspecting Vegas visitors is the website -- thed.com. It promises a sexy, swanky Vegas experience of our stock photo dreams that's not quite available yet. Another thing you'll see, but won't yet get -- the rooms on the site. Those are images of the new rooms... that are still to come. So, the uninformed will get something more like this:

Then like this:

We hate to see the Fitz leave, but we love seeing what's coming. We just want to make sure that what we see is always what we get.

(Photo: @_Lucky45 on Twitter, TripAdvisor, the D)

Comments (2)

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The D

I spent some time at the D this past weekend.  On Friday night, we played craps and there were dancers throughout the entire table pit section (maybe 6? total) that rotated in as BJ dealers.  Energy was good and though it didn't look much different than the Fitz aside from the Long Bar and new table felts, it was a certainly more upbeat.  On Saturday night we came back in but the music was annoyingly loud.  You had to lean in and yell at the dealers just to keep your bets straight (now that I think about it, is craps the only game that requires verbal interaction?) so we left quickly to enjoy more of the St. Patty's craziness in the Fremont Experience.

I would be interested to see the remodeled rooms once that happens and am guessing I may get some comp offers after my play this past weekend.


I am single focused.

In one ad they say come and get comfy on our beds.

Both these photos seem to show thicker mattresses than I remember.

I go solo. Last trip I took a two bed room so that I could take the soft mattress from one bed and put it on the hard mattress from the other.  Together, both mattresses were less thick than my next stop, the Four Queens.

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