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How Much That Poolside Cabana Costs

March 27, 2012 at 6:21 PM | by | ()

The view from here... at Monte Carlo's wave pool.

It's probably the most asked question after "are Vegas pools open?" How much does that shady seat or cabana cost?

A simple question, that's not always as easy to discover. A lot of resorts don't even like to quote starting rates as they can (and do) change based on demand, just like hotel rates. But, we give a lot of props to the hotels that do say because at least we have some idea of when to cut back on those tanning sessions what to expect.

So, how much is Vegas charging for pampered fun in the sun these days? Check out our list below, but keep in mind, the prices you find in person may appear larger than the ones on your screen.

Cabana: $250-$300 mid-week, $350-400 weekend

Cabana: $300 mid-week, $400-$500 weekend
Cypress VIP area: $50-$125 for loungers, $150-$300 for daybeds

Golden Nugget
Cabana: $175 Monday-Thursday, $250 Friday-Sunday
Daybeds: $50 Mon-Thurs, $100 Fri-Sun

M Resort
Main pool cabana: starting at $250
DayDream cabana: starting at $300
VIP cabana: starting at $400

Mandalay Bay
Cabana: beginning at $225
Beach or Garden Bungalow: beginning at $525
Villa Soleil: beginning at $500

MGM Grand
Tube rental: $16/day
Cabana: beginning at $400, Monday-Thursday; $600, Friday-Sunday

Monte Carlo
Tube rental: $12/day
Cabana: not cited
Non-guest entry: Monday-Thursday for $10

The Mirage
Cabana: starting at $300

Daybed: $100 mid-week, $150 weekend
Cabana: starting at $125

Venetian / Palazzo
Main pool pricing
Cabana: $300, mid-week, $400-$500 weekend

Azure pricing
Pool chaise: $50 mid-week, $100 weekend
Daybed: $250 mid-week, $500 weekend
Cabana: $1,000 mid-week, $1,500 weekend

Daybed: $25 to $125, depending on day of the week and holidays
Cabana: $125 to $500, depending on cabana size, day of the week, and holidays

M Resort
Main Pool Cabana: starting at $300
DayDream Cabana: starting at $350
VIP Cabana: starting at $500

*Minimum pricing cited, all rates subject to change

(PHOTO: blog.vegas.com)

Archived Comments:

No cabana in my future

The tube is more in my price range!

Way to save

Don't book a cabana in advance! Wait an hour or two by the pool get the lay of the land, then if a bunch are empty at 1PM go make an offer at the spa (where they are usually rented).  This has worked at Excal, Flamingo, and Hard Rock.  I paid $70 for a Cabana at Excal two day in a row last summer, and got a huge discount with a group at Rehab on Sunday two years ago, so there are always opporunities.  Obviously Saturday's are tougher, but if you wait it out, there are deals.

Daybed and Cabana rentas

I was just curious, is the pricing per hour? per day?

Thanks Kindly,


The pricing is daily unless noted as otherwise.