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The Vegas Strip May Get A Seven Step Program

March 29, 2012 at 2:24 PM | by | ()

We all know what annoys us about the Vegas Strip. The card slappers. The costumed characters. The trash (usually from the card slappers). The hawkers trying to sell everything from homemade CDs to bottled water.

Now, the Las Vegas Sun reports that local government officials are looking to put Las Vegas Boulevard on a seven-step program to clean it up, from keeping the homeless and panhandlers off pedestrian bridges and citing unlicensed "businesses" to power-washing the sidewalks every week.

Elected officials will take up the matter next week. We'll let you know what happens when they do. Until then, we want to know -- if you could change just one thing about the circus that is now the Las Vegas Strip, what would it be?

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Archived Comments:

From Kathy C. on Facebook

"yay....get rid of those stupid card slappers....i'd like to slap the sh*t out of them!!"

From Nikki M. on Facebook

"that would be fantastic, the dirt and the dirties are at an all time high. When my friend and I were walking into PH last year, we saw...wait for it...a dude sleeping on the left side of the door by Sephora with his knees pulled up and a huge hole in his pants where his business was hanging out. I promptly went inside and informed the Players Club on the left to get some security to remove or cover that "business" Uggh, burned into my brain! Cleaner is so much more welcoming."

Porn People are fine

The mascot people are a pain. Get em out! I'd say to get rid of tourists, but then there wouldn't be anyone left. :)

This would be great...

My first choice of what to get rid of: the card slappers!

Get rid of...

the people who sell the timeshares and jump us every time we walk in a casino.."Where you guys from? Are you in town long? Wanna see a show?"  Drive me bananas....and the card clickers....and the trashy looking mascots.  I kinda like the ones who put effort into their costumes though.

Street Performers

I'd get rid of the street performers.  The pictures and amount of them are causing the already congested strip to be a nightmare.

It's About Time...

One of my HUGE pet peeves has been that the county and commissioners have no clue what is happening on the Las Vegas Strip, or stuff like this would have been taken care of YEARS ago. (Ditto could be said for top hotel executives who need to be walking their properties and walking The Strip at 10 PM once in a while to see what is really going on).

Something should have been done about this a long time ago. The pornslappers is going to be a tough one. It is a free speech issue. But the rest of it can be covered by ordinances that ban loitering and doing business without proper permits.

Add Gay Card Slappers

If we HAVEEEE to have the gay card slappers, can one or two of them hand me some hot men instead? Some Thunders or Chips or something more exotic? =P

Otherwise don't let bums use dogs for cash but I think you guys recently had an article about a new rule that bans just that!! Unfortunately also locals...err..


I meant normal card slappers, can we get some gay ones too? =P

Good Idea

I can put up with the card slappers but I would like to see them gone, mostly because of the trash they leave behind in the morning all over the sidewalks.


I find the ticket sellers and time-share people worse than the slappers. Well the trash from the slappers s*cks, but tourits (etc) can control what they do with the trash.  I actually seek out the slappers just so I can make sure the cars get into the trash.  I think agencies who distribute those cards should be charged a high license fee, which could be used to hire people to sweep up the sidewalks, or they have to supply trash cans on either side of the slappers, etc.  Or just outlaw them. :-)
I'm not big on mascot people, or statue "artists." But I love Kotton Kandy - so he'd have to get a special clause.
Most of all though, I think there should be some kind of sidewalk minimum width and ease requirement. My biggest sidewalk hassle is how narrow and or windy it can be in spots - with a crowd it's a nightmare.  The walkway in front of the new complex (aria etc) is a joke. All of a sudden you have to climb a few flights which are quite a way back from the street.
okay, I'll shut-up now.


  1. No more card slappers please. Those people are SO annoying, not to mention tacky.

  2. Cut down / eliminate the people selling shit - EVERYWHERE!

  3. Mascots are overly aggressive and out of control. Hell, if you can't get rid of them, force them to get a license to operate.

It's a start

All the stuff mentioned does make a difference. We are starting to venture to off-strip properties just to avoid some of it. I wonder if or how often the gov. officials or casino owners get out there and walk the strip...it's a mess.
If they are not going to clean it up and get rid of the "congestion" of slappers, homeless and performers, they need to widen the sidewalks.


I have to admit, I enjoyed the card slappers... always an unexpected experience for new visitors. The best, however, is when they started selling tshirts. I can't tell you how many of those I've bought for friends.

Porn slappers...

The card slappers, or what we call porn slappers are irritating to a point, but they quickly back off when they see you're not interested. There us a trail of trash left behind because of them. My big beef the last couple of trips out was all the street people and unliscensed venders getting in my face. They were everywhere, and I pretty much reached the point I didn't want to visit the strip because of them. This is something which never should have been allowed to get out of control like it has. The street performers can stay. They're offering what Vegas does best, entertainment, but the guy trying to sell me gum or bottled water, get them out of my way. And I agree that the ticket and time share sales people are far more annoying than the porn slappers will ever be. Those creeps won't leave you alone until you get pissed at them. I seldom visit a Harrah's property any more because of their being overrun with time share slugs. Just my opinion, but to me they are the worst of the worst.