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When the Gambling Is Done, How Do You Cash Out?

March 29, 2012 at 3:48 PM | by | ()

Casinos are a whole other world. They smell funny. They don't have clocks. There's often no light. And, the money isn't useful outside of the casino. So, naturally, we love it! It's a life that most of us wouldn't want anywhere else. In fact, we'd avoid most places that treated us this way.

When we leave the casino, we leave all of that behind us. Well, most of it. The funny money the casino gives out often stays with us. If we're playing tables we're given chips for our cash to make us forget that we're playing with real money. When we cash in our chips, if we're lucky, we get our money back. If we're playing slot machines or video poker, we insert our money into the machine and play with credits. Again, this is to make us forget we're playing with real money. We're totally cool with this and when we're done, again if we're lucky, we cash out for real money.

The problem is that we're usually given hundred dollar bills that we usually can't use outside of the casino. Another attempt by the casinos to keep our money inside. No big deal, if we remember we can use a bill breaker or ask the cashier to get bills to use outside of a casino. It's annoying, though, to walk into a convenience store to grab a soda and forget that we only have a $100 bill they won't accept. It's come to the point where we've forced ourselves to ask for "one hundred small" whenever we cash a ticket and/or chips for more than $100. This way we always have real money that we can use in our real life outside of the casino.

What do with your leftover casino money? Do you cash it in for money you can use in the real world? Do you keep the funny money and stash it away for the bank? Or, do you save it all for your next casino adventure? Let us know in the comments below.

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Archived Comments:

From Terri P. on Facebook

"As fast as I can at the Cashiers desk"

From Donna L. on Facebook

"Cash out and put it in my stash for next time."

From Nikki M. on Facebook

"all of them, keep some checks(as their called by the casinos) if we're headed back to that property, cash in the others and always keep a stash for the next trip."

From Gil J. on Facebook

"Normally I go bust when I gamble so I don't worry about cashing out :)"

Depends Where You Spend It

I'm a local, so it might be different for a tourist taking the money home. But $100 bills are still very normal to see around Las Vegas. Granted, 7-11 and McDonald's may not take them (except for buying a money order at 7-11, but everyone from grocery stores to Target/WalMart will.

If you have a really good win and end up with a pile of $100's you don't want to take home and you bank with B of A, they have a normal ATM that takes deposits in Forum Shops next to Casa Fuente.

To the bank!

First--I NEVER forget that it's real money! EVER!  

Cash out large.  Final cash-out before going home?  Make sure I have tipping money for rental car shuttle driver and a couple of 20's for incidentals, then all large.  First stop after arriving "back home?"  ATM for depositing to savings account!

what the hell?

Please be mnore specific as to what you are talking about...Ive won money at casinos in Biloxi and Vegas and was ALWAYS paid with real money....never 'fake' $100 bills. Am I missing something here?

Figure of speech

They are simply saying that alot of places outside of casino's wont take hundred dollar bills because they are too large to break... As for me, ive never had this problem, ever.