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It's A New (Already Tested) Cirque Show for Aria This Fall

March 7, 2012 at 8:09 PM | by | ()

What do you do with a Cirque du Soleil show that's performing even worse than Criss Angel Believe less than expected? Replace it with an already tried, tested and popular Cirque production. Duh.

If you were expecting a totally new original show to replace struggling Viva Elvis, Aria has already been there, done that. No, instead Cirque has tapped the touring "surreal acrobatic spectacle," Zarkana, to keep Aria's crowds from leaving the building.

Cirque says "more than 1.2 million guests have been awed by Zarkana" in Madrid, Moscow and New York City. If you're not one of them, here's what you can expect:

Ok. That probably didn't tell you much. If you really want to know what the "story" is, here's the explanation. Basically, abandoned theater plus magician plus lost love-slash-powers times Cirque equals an "irresistibly odd escape." Hmmm, maybe we just have to see it. Oh, wait. We see what they did there.

Zarkana (pronounced zar-kan-ah) will start preview performances in October, with tickets going on sale next month. Viva Elvis will see its last performance on August 18, with 25 percent off ticket specials now.

(PHOTO/VIDEO: panambievents.blogspot.com, Cirque du Soleil on YouTube)

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Cirque is best when sticking to its roots.  Great sets, story telling, live musical score, and of course, amazing acrobatics.  With any Cirque 'musical group' tribute, you only touch a certain  niche/group of the population.  This will certainly draw people deep within the Aria complex for a long time, just like Mystere has for Treasure Island.  A great step up IMHO.

A magician?

Where are the white bunnies in the trailer?