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Are You Very Superstitious When It Comes To Gambling?

March 9, 2012 at 6:37 PM | by | ()

Lucky number 23... or so we always hope.

We're not clear why gamblers tend to be superstitious people, but they are. We gamble and we're absolutely superstitious. Money doesn't matter when it comes to our superstitions as we're the same playing penny slots, $5 craps or $25 blackjack.

With some games we may be considered OCD about our superstitions and, with others, people may not notice anything odd at all. Here are how our gambling superstitions look from mellow to extreme:

Slot Machines & Video Poker - We won't play a machine after someone wins. Also, we usually stay away from the end machine.

Blackjack - We'll never enter a game in progress whether we're allowed to or not.

3 Card Poker - We always play the first hand blind (we don't look or touch the cards) and heavy (usually double our normal bet).

Roulette - we'll play a combination of our family birth dates (4, 8, 11), our mother's favorite number (9) and some combination of our favorite sports stars uni numbers that always includes 23 for Don Mattingly.

Craps - We won't enter the game mid-roll no matter how good a roll is (we'll wait until the shooter craps out). We also won't roll the first time dice come to us. Lastly, we never let our friends speak to us about the game since not all of them know craps superstitions.

So, maybe we're a little strange but these are our superstitions and how we play. We know we're not bothering anyone with our eccentricities. So what's the big deal?

Now that we've shared ours, what are your gaming superstitions? Let us know in the comments.

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I never play a machine that just won too LOL. I do however like to play the end machines! If there is a machine next to me getting a bonus i usually stop and wait for their bonus to be over. For whatever reason i think that there is no chance i will be getting a bonus for a long time now lol.


Once again, you're spot on!  

Seriously, Craps is such a superstitious game.  I can't tell you the amount of times people have walked up to a table and thrown money down during my roll. Some have even changed the direction of the dice with their buy in. Some words or phrases by passers by seem to get into my head. Especially when some drunk person asks how you lose. You almost certainly will lose on the next roll.  Very Frustrating!

Also, I hate it when people jump into a Blackjack game mid game.  I have only done this on a very rare occasion. And that is at an Iowa casino, at 5 AM when I've had insomnia and only one table was open.

That being said, people who play blackjack with you for sure change the outcome of the game. People who do not play with basic strategy certainly increase the houses odds.

The only way I've found to overcome this is to go to the casino with my buddies and sit at every seat at the table.  

We don't have three card, however, we just implemented a new 3 card bonus game to our blackjack tables. It's a pretty fun side bet that has no negative outcome on how the cards come out of the shoe.   It just doesn't have the best payout.  

I could go on and on about Craps.

I would like to know more about Video Poker Superstitions.

Val L. on Facebook

"Only numbers I play on the roulette table are 13 and 15 and win 85% of the time. I go out with $400 and bet $25 on each number. As soon as one of them hits, I cash out."

Clifton H. on Facebook

"With slots, I don't like to play in a bank where any of the slots are not working. And with the lottery, I never win unless it is the first thing I check on the computer."


Funny enough, I have one particular friend who always walks up to the craps table and says something wrong. I think he's learned to just not ask about the game. Haha.

Video poker superstitions are pretty minimal as described above. Like most superstitions, there's really no rhyme or reason.

One thing I forgot with slots/VP is that I usually walk away from quiet machines. The thinking there is that only loud machines win. Again, no sense to that but that's how I roll. :)


I agree with quiet machines.  I like the tone on Video Poker when I know there is a winner.

Sucks when you throw a delt flush or straight away because you didn't initially see it.

Slot Superstitions

After winning any mid-level or large jackpot on a slot machine, my mom believed you should "clear" the machine with another spin before cashing out.  To this day, I avoid slot machines where the last player won and just cashed out.  I broke that rule a couple trips ago on my favorite $5 Pinball machine at GN downtown.  The last player cashed out after getting the pinball bonus.  I hit the pinball bonus after just four spins and was very glad I took a chance on the machine.

When I sit down at an upright slot machine with an arm, I always bet max and use the arm for the first spin.  After that, I'll vary my bets and use the Spin button.

If it's a machine that you need to bet max to get a symbol on the third reel for the bonus round, I will cash out rather than use up any few remaining credits for a non-max last spin.  I missed the bonus round doing that years ago and vowed to never do it again.

I, too, generally don't like playing on quiet machines.  However, I went to Aria shortly after it opened and played a (new to me) fire/water dragon five-reel penny slot with the sound off.  I tripled my money, and tried to cashed out, but the machine wouldn't spit out the ticket.  I flagged down a slot tech, who checked the machine, but couldn't' get it print the ticket.  He called another slot tech over, and the two of them worked on the machine.  Nothing.  Then, one of them randomly hit the buttons on the machine, and it started going.  Turns out on my last spin, I got the bonus round, so the machine was waiting for a choice from me before commencing with the bonus round.  Since I'd never played that type of machine before, I didn't know I was in the bonus round (doh!), and because the sound was off, I couldn't hear the machine telling me to make a choice.  The techs and I had a good laugh about that.  After the bonus round was over, I did one more spin to "clear" the machine and got the bonus again.  (Thanks, mom!)  I doubled my winnings with both bonus rounds, so I walked away with six times my initial output.

I've noticed some people are superstitious about others watching them as they gamble.   A few trips ago, while walking through a casino, I stopped to watch a woman playing on a slot machine I liked.  After a few spins, she noticed I was standing a distance away watching her.  She made a few more spins, each time glancing over to see if I was still there.  At that point, she simply stopped playing.  So I stood there for a good while before moving on.

Come on...

The poor play of another player does not increase the house edge against you.  The house edge is altered depending on a card coming out of the deck, it does not matter if the other player should or should not have taken that card.

get lost

Thats such a bad and annoying habit. These days you cant trust many people, especially when money is involved. I am one of those people who will stop playing because i have some bum lurking over my shoulder. I dont need a total stranger staring at how much money i have, etc. Even if you are harmless, some people  dont like that some random is eyeballing their action. If someone seems annoyed, just take a hint and move on before you get punched.