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The Ceiling Mural Near TAO is Where The Copa Room Once Stood

April 16, 2012 at 6:19 PM | by | ()

On Friday, we tested your Vegas knowledge by asking if you knew where this giant Michelangelo-inspired ceiling mural could be found and doggone it, you guys are good, especially this guy who gave the exact location: "It's above the stairs/escalators in Venetian that lead from the casino up to TAO."

Indeedy, we snapped this shot whilst we were riding up those very escalators.

But it was AccessVegas who managed to not only correctly guess the mural but give us a history lesson as well:

On an old Travel Channel special (probably about 10 years ago), they wanted to know where the Copa Room would be now. They overlaid the old Sands layout with the Venetian and found that the physical geographical location of the Copa room was right where you took this photo.

So cool.

If you need a quick history lesson on the Sands, read our summary right here. In short, the Copa Room was a notorious haunt for the Rat Pack. We learn new things everyday....

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