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Signs Pointing To Another Downtown Hotel Getting A Makeover, After All

Where: 18 Fremont Street [map], 89101
April 25, 2012 at 12:27 PM | by | ()

At the beginning of the year we speculated whether yet another downtown hotel had plans for a makeover. Curious, we called Las Vegas Club's reservation hotline to inquire why only weekends were available and were received with a stiff-armed non-mention of any renovations. Readers guessed they might be trying to help fill the Plaza, their newly reconstructed sister property. But, operators may now be more than just standing by.

VegasChatter fan albertdiaz3 booked a Las Vegas Club stay for June, but was informed he would actually end up staying at the Plaza instead due to renovations:

The days of renovations are I believe Monday thru Thursday so if your stay includes a Monday in it I'm told that you will automatically be moved to The Plaza at the time of check in.

Sure enough a weekend stay checking out by Monday can be booked on the hotel's website:

But try to checkout Tuesday or check-in during the week and you'll find there are no rooms at the Club:

In fact, trying to book online for anything outside of April will be met with a message Stay Must Be Between (Today's Date) and 4/30/12. Could the Las Vegas Club be on the verge of widespread room renovations come May? Stay tuned!

Archived Comments:

I'll believe it when I see it.

I still think it's a plan to get people to the Plaza.  I just don't see how an owner that spent next to nothing for years on their properties, will suddenly become Mr. Moneybags when it comes to refurbishing aged properties.  If they had spent this money all along keeping the hotels up to standard, they wouldn't be in a position now to need to majorly overhaul their hotels in the hopes of luring people back.  

Bullish On It

Unfortunately, no inside intel here. But an R-J profile of the 12 year old* that Tamares has running their Las Vegas holdings said this a couple months ago:


Question: Do you have any plans for the Las Vegas Club?

Answer: It's kind of the same as the Western. We have ideas, we have concepts, we just finished the renovation on the Plaza -- it's still ongoing, we're still putting money in it. As soon as this is done, steady and stable, we'll turn our attention to Las Vegas Club and the Western.

Source: <a href="http://x.co/jg9K">http://x.co/jg9K</a>


* He's actually 27 and I'm not ripping on him. Nothing wrong with some youthful energy downtown.

Downtown is red hot. Tamaras isn't blind to what is happening with Golden Gate right across the street. Plaza proved that a hotel renovation can be successful.

In answer to KeithDylan above, nobody was going to pour money into anything at the height of the recession. Why dump money into keeping up your property when you can't get more than $30 a night for a room? Now, it is worthwhile to.

I speak from personal experience. We let Access Vegas pretty much rot during the recession. Not worth it. Now, we're working a major upgrade and overhaul. Why? You can make cash off of Vegas again.

I'll tell you this right now: They better air Vegas Club out really well and quit pumping that old lady hooker smell into that joint. AWFUL. You can smell it 10 feet from the doors of the joint, and it doesn't make we want to go in. I suffer though it to get me $2 beer, but that is it.

Well I'd like to point out.....

When the Plaza reopened the prices they were asking were $149 on weekends and $89 during the week.  Look at the prices they are asking now, and tell me the remodel has gone as well as they planned with regard to hotel traffic.  Might be awhile before it is "steady and stable."  
I believe the Golden Nugget remodeled during the recession, and the Plaza could not use the recession as their reason for not upgrading because it looked like they hadn't upgraded since the late 80's.  Plus I didn't say upgrade over that time.  A new coat of paint and cleaning the carpet would have been a nice start.  Hey they might see the change coming to downtown and realize their properties aren't keeping up with the times and need to upgrade The Vegas Club, but I'll bet the house that they will do nothing with the Western.

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Here's the link: http://x.co/jg9K

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Tinoco's closed

Just heard that Tinoco's closed.  Kinda sad, as it was a good meal at a good price.  No idea if that's evidence of the place getting ready for a rehab or not, but it's interesting.


Noooo! I had several decent meals there at a great value. Sad to hear that news. Can't say its completely shocking as it was never too busy when I was there but hopefully it's renovation related. Will have to visit the original instead for now.

Thanks for the heads up.