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Luxor's Beam? 'Hot As The Sun' (Almost)

April 25, 2012 at 4:42 PM | by | ()

We're self-admitted Vegas geeks so we don't just pound the pavements or read the papers for the latest news and scoops. We get really nerdy with it -- checking up on the City of Las Vegas Business Development's Facebook page, reading builder blogs, and perusing corporate websites like Momentum, MGM Resort's blog for employees. (Don't tell on us.) That's where we found an interesting profile on the guy in charge of Luxor's giant beam.

Glen Hortizuela makes sure the light is always on when it needs to be. But, if you thought your commute was tough...

People think we have elevators to go all the way up there. You have to climb all these ladders – more than five sets of ladders need to be climbed in order to get to the tippy top of the pyramid. There are also no bathroom facilities up there, either.

Hortizuela went on to say that, "it’s 700 degrees right at the top of the lights. It’s darn hot … as hot as the sun." (A point that Momentum notes is not quite accurate, but that we agree sounds way better.)

The article also touched on the whole look-there-are-UFOs-swarming-around-Luxor stories that made the news lately. Find out what Hortizuela had to say about that, discover more interesting beam facts, and check out some really neat images of what it looks like inside the beam here at Momentum.

(PHOTO: PeterTee on TrekEarth.com, Momentum.com)

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