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Should Linq Construction Keep You Away From Flamingo?

Where: 3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
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Construction on The Linq LINQ progresses everyday and that has a lot of Vegas visitors concerned about how it will impact their upcoming stay, especially if they usually grab a room at Flamingo, Harrah's or Imperial Palace. It's a hot topic on travel boards and for VegasChatter fan Jenna Z. who writes:

I just read about the Linq construction - yikes! I was thinking about booking a room at the Flamingo in August. What's your take on construction noise for a room stay, due to the proximity to the project? Should we go for it or are we better off at the Tropicana? I'm going to Motley Crue, so you'd think I wouldn't be too concerned about noise - but a girl's gotta sleep sometime!

Jenna, we've been following the Linq closely and we are starting to see noise complaints on the Internets. Over on Expedia, a handful of recent Flamingo reviewers have warned about loud construction noise that starts around 6:30 a.m.

A call over to the Flamingo found us chatting with a guest service rep who told us that a request to be on the south side of the hotel "should" keep guests away from the noise.

We should note that our own East Coast Gambler stays at Flamingo often and says that noise has not been an issue for him. He does suggest, though, that guests may want to request a high floor, too.

So, what advice would you give Jenna? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Archived Comments:

Twitter Follow-up Question

A fan on Twitter wondered about IP in particular. I would assume that a stay on the north side would be "safest," but did find one complaint on Expedia about construction noise on that side of the hotel.

Also found another complaining about construction noise beginning at 5 a.m. at the back of the hotel, too.

Look, I love the Flamingo.....

.....but this summer or possibly even next, I wouldn't recommend staying there if pool time is important**.  I think the pool area especially is subject to noise and dust concerns.

(And if pool time is important, I'd NEVER recommend staying at Harrah's or IP, regardless of LINQ construction.  Though I did have a decent time at the IP pool last October.  Cheap cabanas!)

If it's not pool season, or if the pool isn't important, I think Flamingo could still be OK.  But I'd beg, bribe, threaten, whatever I had to do to make sure I wasn't getting a north facing (i.e., IP/LINQ-facing!) room.

In general, those rooms have the worst views at Flamingo anyway.  It's a stretch to call them "Strip view," especially compared to some of the great views you can get from the south- and west-facing rooms.  And rooms on the other side of the hall get nice views of the Flamingo's pretty pool area.

In a dozen stays at Flamingo, I've never had a north-facing room.  And I wouldn't want one, especially now!!!

**Since pool time IS important to me, my trip next week will have me staying at the Mirage for the first time.  :)

Flamingo Pool

I was just at the Flamingo over the weekend April 20 - 23rd and the construction was not that big of a deal. I was on the 12th floor all the way at the end in a mini-suite. Yes I was on the south side of the tower, but I rarely ever heard noise from the construction. My advise is to drink more and sleep better.

Also, the pool seemed unaffected by the construction at this time.

From Gwynne B. on Facebook

"You have to figure out what it is you'll be doing and how much time you'll actually be in your room. Most likely out all day, dinner and show gambling and maybe some dancing. That should take you to about 3 or so in the AM - so tired you'll fall into bed and it'll be early to rise because after all, you're on vacation in Vegas!!!!!"

From Nikki M. on Facebook

"Answer: Earplugs, travel fan and alcohol.

Question: What's how to survive construction in Vegas, Alex?"

No problem at I.P.

I stayed at the I.P. recently with a room on the 16th floor overlooking all of The LINQ contruction with no problem.  I just left the A/C on fan at night and slept late into the morning.