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A Swanky New Starbucks Perks Up Caesars Palace

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
April 3, 2012 at 2:59 PM | by | ()

Welcome to the most FABULOUS Starbucks in Las Vegas. It must be -- it says so.

Newly opened in Caesars and flush with gold accents as well as that minty fresh new barista smell, the shop is a front runner for the finest Strip coffee-chain joint to loiter with your latte. Nicely designed, it's tucked out of the way so the crowds thin out as you sip your skinny espresso. Still the same old beverages you know and may love.

It's hiding down the hall from the Caesars reception desk, a short walk past Central and on the way to Guy Savoy. Zut alors, that's some swanky neighbors the chain is keeping time with.

They've even gilded the place up to fit into the district. And it actually, sort of, does. You'll be able to sit on the comfy sofas and watch the swells parade along the promenade. Check it out next time you need a 3 p.m. pick-me-up.

But wait! Gold accents? Where have we seen a fancified Starbucks before? Why, the Monte Carlo Starbucks! With its city-silver edginess, much comfier lounging and hipper designed seats.

This place is down the escalator from Aria, before you enter the Monte Carlo shopping area. It's a perennial hang out for WiFi enthusiasts, even after it closes. The seats are extra comfy, it's large and open, and gives the gilt newcomer a run for its money.

If you have a favorite Starbucks on The Strip, we'd like to hear about it. Perhaps, you have some secret tips for getting in and out faster. Or, where the WiFi is better. 'Cos that one at Fashion Show Mall-- pack a novel - it's a slow wait on line.

Archived Comments:

My fave

My favorite Starbucks is actually only known to guests of The Signature at MGM Grand (or people who sneak in, ahem). Very luxe, quiet, and there's usually only one person ahead of me whenever I pop by.

My fav

Planet Hollywood....Only because I have a Diamond Total Rewards card and can skip everyone in the huge line. There's always a comfy chair near an outlet and they have free wifi. Also, I can usually earn a free coffee with a few minutes of video poker play. :)

Did I miss wifi accessibility for the Caesars SB? The harrah's SB doesn't have wifi. PH comes & goes depending on their mood.

Favorite is the Rio

Only because they are the only Starbucks on the planet i have seen with home made pastries made by the hotel! They have the best scones i have ever had. The CP Starbucks looks amazing.


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