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Filmmaker Eli Roth To Bring Gore To Vegas Strip, Bubba Gump Coming, Too

April 30, 2012 at 11:39 AM | by | ()

Keeping the exclusives flowing for VegasChatter takes some work. Pounding the pavement, cultivating off-the-record sources, and in some instances, having the good sense to look up. Since its inception, we've been covering the perplexing multi-story Walgreens building at the corner of the Strip and Harmon.

As a neighbor watching the construction progress, we knew there had to be more behind the facade than the current set-up. Such a prominent area of the Vegas Strip twinned with an enormous amount of foot traffic deserved more than the present handful of businesses. But, now we know the whole story. This weekend, the owners snuck-up a make-shift banner, listing all present and future tenants. And, its quite the curious combo of neighbors.

Top of the list of surprises is the announcement of film director/producer/actor/writer Eli Roth's Goretorium. And, now you know as much as we do. It appears to be totally off the Internet's radar. When we heard an odd rumor about a horror-themed something-type-thing a while back we thought zero of it. Conceptualizing any horror attraction within this particular building seemed way off base.

Cabin Fever and Hostel are probably Roth's best know films to the Vegas tourist crowd. Within the film community, Roth is known as a devoted and vocal horror film fan, quick to cite his influences and encourage others to share his love of the genre. So we wonder... is the gore in this space his, or celebrating others? And within the name, Goretorium, does "tor" equal tour and provide us a clue? That might make sense. Roth is a co-curator of the current exhibit at the EMP Museum in Seattle, "Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film."

We went looking for other Roth connections to Vegas, other than this fancy new logo. The third non-Roth directed Hostel movie was set in Sin City. Roth himself was recently at NAB giving a speech. So three's a trend right? We've put out the word to Mr. Roth for comment.

Second biggest news? Certain tourists will welcome the arrival of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Yes, the family-friendly seafood restaurant chain finally trawled its way to Vegas. Their corporate site doesn't yet list it as "coming", but we found local ads looking for new employees. Landry's Gaming, owners of Downtown's Golden Nugget is part of their enormous parent company. They also own Rainforest Cafe. And, now it all makes sense.

Those are the headliners. Let's run down the rest of the list:

Missing from the banner is the nouveau-hipster Metro McDonald's we reviewed last week. But, brand new internal signage will make sure you won't forget it's here, or get lost.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe. We've also been following their fast-growing progress into the Las Vegas landscape. They'll be located next door to McDonald's.

Panda Express. The ubiquitous Chinese fast food chain. You can even find one right next door at PH. This branch has been up and running since opening day and always looks busy.

Viva Vegas. Souvenirs. Open now.

AfterHours. Club-ish clothing, etc. for those whose find the prices at Bebe too high and their hemlines too low. Open now.

Magnet Max. Guess what? Magnets and stuff. Open now.

Bonanno's. A pizza place. There's one at the Flamingo and in the new food court at Luxor that we recently reviewed.

Yogurt Planet Candy Shop. We're going to guess yogurt and candy will be prominently featured. Hiring now.

Twin Peaks. We are sadly resigned to give up any and all hope this has anything to do with David Lynch. Our money is on a coffee stand. We just hope for a "damn fine cup of coffee."

Update: We lost our money. VegasChatter Twitter fan BTowles1 let us know that Twin Peaks is a Hooters-esque restaurant chain except with "lumberjack girl uniforms." Here is a link to its girl-filled calendar. Oh, and the menu, if you're interested in that.

Millennium Foto. Camera gear. They have another location further down The Strip. Online reviews are not very favorable.

Rockin' Taco Mexican Grill. Construction is coming along fast and they are hiring. When you use the walkway crossing over Harmon you'll see it on your left. Doesn't look large enough for a full-on rockin-out experience, but...

Evening Call frozen beverage bar. Also at Bally's, Mandalay Bay and Luxor. You'll like them. The staff at the Bally's location are lovely.

Gaya Mineral Makeup. They list "ingredients like Mica, Iron Oxides and Serecite which translate into volume, colour and a silky texture." Which is nice, we guess.

Lastly, we don't know which of these new stores has locked down this primo-location with a view of the Strip and Crystals. There were no visible clues inside. But with this full, and presumably final, roster of tenants, placing a gamble on a residency in this building might not have been a bad bet.

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The 90s are alive in...

Vegas? Bubba Gump Shrimp is coming to Vegas? I need a drink. A stiff one.


Not that you were looking for, and as far as this readers observations haven't seen as of yet...THANK YOU
VEGAS CHATTER! It aint easy being you.

I barely have time to read VEGAS CHATTER on a daily basis, let alone
dig up all the topics you cover.
(better you than me...) and I do appreciate the variety and...FUN!


You're making us blush, @GREGRIO. Nice avatar, btw ;)

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a different kind of cup! <a href="http://www.twinpeaksrestaurant.com/">http://www.twinpeaksrestaurant.com/</a>

Link for clicking!

More on Twin Peaks

It's a Dallas based concept very similar to, but, ultimately, classier than, Hooters.

They opened in Oklahoma City (where I am) last year and have been very successful.

Although their Vegas MO may be slightly different, in their core markets they've succeeded by delivering more than just pretty girls in revealing outfits. Their beer is (excessively) cold and cheap. Their food is good as well, with huge portions and a more than expected amount of innovation.

They've also done a good job of courting the sports bar base, with a special focus (at least here) on the UFC crowd.

I guess it's telling that, in a generally very conservative town, most days/nights, they're busy not just with lecherous men, but also with women and families.

I sense they could do well in Vegas.