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Total Rewards Becomes Latest Players Club To Take Away Benefits

April 5, 2012 at 4:46 PM | by | ()

Whenever we get a little cranky about players clubs taking away some of their benefits, we force ourselves to remember that casinos are businesses looking to make as much money as they can and eventually they'll look at places they can cut expenses. Cool things are usually the first to go. We may never understand the corporate mind, but we try.

Last month, The Cosmopolitan pulled back some of their Identity perks offered to their top-tier customers and we questioned why they might do this. After all the big spenders are, well, big spenders. Whether they're gambling or buying $1,000 dinners at a restaurant, these are the people spending the most money. We'd imagine that any business would want to focus on their biggest spenders.

This month, Caesars Entertainment made a similar cutback with their highest tiered spenders. Caesars' Total Rewards players club stopped offering Diamond and Seven Stars players monthly tickets to their lowest tier shows. Last year, we swore that we'd make it to one of these shows each month, but we never got around to it and now we never will.

In a vacuum, taking away free tickets to these shows isn't a big deal. However, in the grand scheme of players clubs we think that this is a bad sign.

In a previous corporate life, we always joked that business was bad when the water cooler was removed from an office. We never saw anything positive happen to a company after removing the water cooler. The expense of a water cooler for an office isn't a lot so what's left to remove after the water cooler? Businesses won't pull lower cost items, so they start cherry picking bigger ticket items.

By Caesars taking away such an insignificant perk we can only imagine that bigger ticket items will be next. Truth be told, we find that some of the best perks being an upper-tier player with Total Rewards don't come with dollar amounts. We love being able to skip lines in restaurants and valet. There's not a price that can be put on our time by a casino.

If Caesars is looking to save money, maybe they should look at their direct mail costs. In the past week, we received nine different pieces of mail. Every week is like this. While most other casinos send us snail mail once a month, Caesars sends anywhere from five to 10 pieces of mail a week. Total Rewards is the largest players club in the country so this has to add up to a large expense. Going green and electronic would not only be convenient for the customer and our planet, but it is less expensive for the company.

We're currently in the middle of all players clubs changing their benefits and even though there are some flashy marketing campaigns we have to imagine that the casino companies are trying to distract us while they continue to take away benefits. Enjoy your freebies while you can because they may not be there much longer.

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Archived Comments:


Got an offer from my total rewards last month with offers for free rooms at IP or Flamingo in April.  Called to book and rooms were 6 times the advertised price for the weekend I wanted and at least 3 times the listed rate for the next 3 months!  I emailed them and got a weak canned response from their complaint department.  At this point I'm done with TR.

From MJ Mandalay on Facebook

"Glad I don't play against the house, only cash poker, so those tix where a nice perk. As long as they leave the diamond lounges they can cut everything else as far as I am concerned."


Not to mention Caesars has started chargeing more for 2 queens and not including 2 queens in TR promo codes. Just noticed the Rio is doing this now too. I just booked a Bella suite at The Palazzo for less then a "discounted" Palace tower 2Q room at caesars. No resort fees don't matter when your rooms are overpriced. I'm pretty over TR now. Used to be the only places I'd stay. They run the least nice strip hotels but act like they own vegas. Caesars isn't even 5 stars.


I'm along the lines of thinking as MJ. :)

My take on this

If you take away something no one ever uses, you're not really taking anything away.  Caesar's only has so many shows- - -seen `em all. The worst was Peepshow, only because of Holly Madison.  I'll never get those 90 minutes back.

Tix Are Back

Free show tickets are back as a perk as of June 1st. Say what you will about TR, they are one of the few players cards that will respond to upset customers.