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Party Pits: Yay or Nay?

April 6, 2012 at 4:23 PM | by | ()

During our recent excursion to Downtown Vegas, we ran into party pits at both the D and at Golden Gate. Unlike The Strip, the casinos downtown aren't large enough to have separate table pit areas for party and not-party vibes so the entire casinos were essentially a party. That's a big part of their renovations. We know. We like gambling with loud pop music and go-go dancers as much as we like watching TV and listening to mellow adult contemporary jams while we try to add our cards during a session of blacjack.

The smart gambler inside tells us to stay away from the party pit as they usually have higher minimum bets and poor odds. In fact, when we were at Caesars Palace last year, we were faced with the worst blackjack odds we've ever confronted while sitting at the Pussycat Dolls pit. Besides paying out 6/5 on blackjack and having $25 minimums, we were only allowed to double on 10 or 11. Sometimes, the upbeat vibe of the party pits tells us that we should just have a good time. After all, gambling is entertainment. As advertised, the D treated their tables the same during party pit hours as they did when the sun was still up. Blackjack was dealt from a shoe, paid 3/2 for blackjack and had normal casino minimum bets $10-$15. Nice.

The atmosphere at party pits is always fun. People are almost always enjoying themselves regardless if they're playing with good or bad odds. The music and boobs tend to make people forget that they're playing bad odds when on The Strip. Meanwhile in downtown, this is a way to get people to come into the casino and play. No matter how good or bad the odds of a game, they're always with the casino no matter how big or small the house edge is.

Since the casinos on The Strip are so big we have options on where to play, but downtown we were "stuck" with the loud music and hoards of partiers (get off our lawn!) if we wanted to play tables at the D or Golden Gate. On this night, we were in the mood for the party and had a great time. Our next time playing blackjack, we were extremely happy to just have a mellow time. There's nothing wrong with a little variety in our lives.

Different strokes for different days, times and moods. Sometimes we like the party atmosphere, regardless of odds, and sometimes we prefer a more mellow time at the tables. Do you have a preference when you hit the pit to gamble? Let us know in the comments.

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Depends On The Music

Been a couple of weeks since I've been in both on the same day, but I find The D's music louder than Golden Gate. I like the GG's party pit, the music is fine, really high energy atmosphere. I found D's music to be so loud you could hardly talk to a dealer or have some banter with others at your table.

I like eye-candy, don't get me wrong. But you get a little bit jaded living here. No way in hell I'm going to play a $25 table with bad rules just to have a busty dealer smiling at me. I could take $100 to a strip club, buy over-priced drinks and sit at the rail for $1 a song.

BUT... not knocking the guys who enjoy the party pits. (And as noted, I enjoy the one at GG). If you live in middle America, these are the hottest women you may have contact with all year and for the money you lose, you get to tell your friends how great it was.


It's funny, I felt the opposite @ GG and the D. I found it difficult to even sit at the bar at night.

A "Just Got Home" Update

GG has pumped up their music, no question. TOO LOUD. Not by a lot, but just by a bit.

(As noted, my last walk of each was a couple weeks ago).

D was almost tolerable, and the party atmosphere in there Friday night was unbelievable. I have NEVER in 19 year of living here seen Fitz that packed downstairs.

So, good points. Perhaps they will strike a perfect balance.

too much fun?

A couple trips ago myself and a couple friends got "suckered" (?) into playing a PP at The Plaza then the next night at the LV Club by the same two dealers. Both really hawt and not wearing a lot of clothes. I say "suckered" because we aren't really BJ players, but the dealers were good, they helped us make the right decisions (if we were making the wrong ones) but really they just took our money. The second night tho, they called us by name and even remembered what we drank when the waitress came by. So I like PP, if the staff are friendly and fun. As for the music, I work in a bar so I've learned to ignore it pretty well.

It's the Pits

I love looking at the scenery, but if you want to play, go elsewhere.  I'm very fond of the Golden Gate, but you would have to pay me to play blackjack there.  Besides the rules, they have the shuffle machines.
Now, sitting at the bar, watching the action, it's great.  While there,be sure to eat at DuPar's.
The biggest downside to the PP's is how it pushes out the regular dealers.  These girls in the pits have a limited shelf life, unless some starts a "milf" party pit.  As every casino adds the pit, more of the regular dealers get kicked to the curb.

Golden Gate

In the GG "high limit" room BJ is only $25 min and you get nice view of the girls.  Rules are playable too.