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WiFi in Vegas: Can You Get Online Now?

April 9, 2012 at 4:02 PM | by | ()

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it barely works, even though you paid for it. WiFi in Vegas is a mixed bag and not even Siri can direct us to the best hotspots, free or paid. But, you can.

VegasChatter is compiling its first-ever Vegas WiFi Guide and we want to hear from you -- where do you like it, where do you hate it and where are the spots to find it for free?

Back when The Cosmo offered free WiFi, we found it to be hit and miss. Over at the Venetian, the WiFi that we paid for in our room was so bad that we went down to the food court for the free hotspot that was sooo much better. (The Venetian is making improvements, tho.) And, we're happy that CityCenter offers free WiFi throughout its campus, but why can't we ever get any of our apps to work?

So let's hear it -- give us your best and your worst Internet experiences in Vegas. Just email your tales to us at tips@vegaschatter.com or leave them in the comments below!

Archived Comments:

Apps not working / Luxor

When you're saying that your apps are not working at City Center, is it after you accepted the terms of use on their free system?  If you can browse the web with your web browser, you should be able to use your apps.

Seems like that should fix the problem.

I had "Free" WIFI at Luxor that was part of my "resort fee"  I complained because it didn't work.  If it something that I am paying for in a mandatory fee, it should work.  Either that or give me the resort fee back.


Yes, I've logged onto their site. My phone just keeps working and working so I think it may be carrier compatibility. I'm on AT&T. I also struggle to get full bars at any place inside the campus, too.

Riviera - BAD!

I could connect from our room there, but I would consider myself lucky if I could stay connected for longer then 2 minutes. It was horrible. Called the front desk and they said they would send someone up, which they never did.

@Sylvana C. on Facebook

"Cafe Madeline at Paris offers free wifi and I've never had any problems there."

@Chris M. on Facebook

"We stayed in Tropicana last september, and our connection was fast, stable and connected up really quick... Was really nice to be able to FB all our pics at the end of the day without the signal dropping out like you get in the free places..."

@Brett M. on Facebook

"Had no problems or issues at The Signature. I don't recall if it was free or included in some other fee though."


Well that stinks!  

I've also had trouble with my phone in casinos in LV.  Do you think its the large structure and how it is built, or is it something inside the casino blocking the signal?


Good question. I think for some of the buildings, it's just the age of the property. Bringing them up-to-speed with modern technology is probably no small task. But, CityCenter is still "smells new" so I don't know where the problem is. Could be the configuration of the complex as a whole -- being so densely constructed.