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VegasChatter's 2012 Field Guide To The Vegas Pool Scene

May 21, 2012 at 7:09 PM | by | ()

Summer is (almost) here and it's time to do everything you do at night in Vegas, poolside. And, with even less clothes. If that's even possible for some. Ok, who are we kidding? It is.

VegasChatter has once again compiled an essential Field Guide to Vegas Pools detailing the hottest parties, how to get into them, what to expect when you're splashing around, and where to go if you'd rather just chillax.

This pool season, it's not just about where you can see and be seen, it's all about the poolside amenities. No more is it about the pseudo celebrities you'll see (although, they still make waves, here and there), rather the emphasis is more on the indulgences you'll find -- from poolside champagne brunches and movies to boozy ice cream treats. We've done our best to keep up with the ever-changing party scenes but, ultimately, we rely on you to let us know when something's changed -- for better or for worse.

So on that note, get your Vegas GTL on (resort fee-included Gym, spa Tan, and pre-game Liquor, liquor, liquor) and then jump right in!

VegasChatter's Field Guide to the Vegas Pool Scene

HOT POOL PARTIES: Every day is a pool party day in Vegas. Find out which are the hottest ones to hit up.
NEW FOR 2012: Where to find that new pool smell.
TOPLESS POOLS: No tan lines (or pervs) allowed here at these "European-style" pools.
GAMBLING POOLS: For those of you who like a little fun in the sun with your bets.
POOL PERKS: The latest must-have pool amenities and services for 2012.
INSIDER TIPS: How to save time, save money, and where to explore.
AFTER DARK: Where to still lay out, when the rest of the pools are closed.
OTHER POOLS TO TRY: Like we said, every day is a pool party day in Vegas. Check out these other worthy pool scenes.
THE POOL PARTIES TO COME: What's next to make a splash.

Share your best and worst Vegas pool experiences with us in comments below. Got photos? Add 'em to our Summer 2012 Pool Party photo gallery by email or Facebook. We even have a VegasChatter Flickr Pool. And yes, we want the dirty ones too.

*Watch this space as we'll be keeping track of the Vegas 2012 Pool Scene all summer long.

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