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To Answer A Question From Down Under, We Go Back

May 11, 2012 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Time for another VegasChatter Question! Already? Yes, our amazing readers have great questions! Do you have a question about Vegas, too? We bet you do. Send it to us and if we deem it clean enough, we'll post it here on VegasChatter!

Often the questions we receive revolve around milestone celebrations: the Vegas Virgin, an anniversary or the last hurrah. Today's question comes from a soon-to-be-30 down under. Michelle M. writes:

My husband and myself are coming from Australia to Vegas for my 30th birthday in July. Just wondering if you would have any recommendations on where to stay or some must do's while we are staying there; we aren't huge gamblers and will probably stick to blackjack and slots but also want a convenient place to get around and see everything as well as being able to go to some good night spots that aren't over run with just 18 year old college kids.

The good news is that gamblers are supposed need to be 21 or older due to pesky American drinking laws so the 18 year old college kids will be kept at bay. Now, let's tackle Michelle's other points via a super-sized VegasChatter Flashback.

Where to Stay

We were too lazy to look up the Australian exchange rate on the U.S. dollar but if it's favorable, Michelle and the hubs may want to look up rates at the Venetian and Caesars Palace, or read what readers suggest are worth the splurge. If the couple is looking to open their birthday suits presents in private, there's the fun, but quiet route. Or, grab a bowl of popcorn and browse VegasChatter's Hotel Video Tours to match a real bed with the theoretical cake.

Must Do's

There's so much to do in Vegas that there's been multiple flavors written on this topic. Heck, the list of potential to-do's change so much with each new opening and closing, we had to start recapping shit all each month to keep up.

We once started with obvious and not-so-obvious firsts for the Vegas Virgin before looking for the Top Must Do's. Michelle is celebrating 30, but our list of Vegas For The Fifty Year Old Virgin really knows no age. And, our suggestions for the 40-Year-Old Vegas Pool Virgin fits the quiet non-college kid bill. Prefer the offbeat? We've got that. Downtown's fancy new Smith Center makes our must-do list for concert and Broadway fans while other Vegas shows can usually be seen at a bargain. Oh, and um, before we forget (again): Strat. There, we mentioned it.


We tend to stick to blackjack, slots, and craps, but Vegas is a chance for gambling novices to make War not love or try their hand at a hand of Pai Gow Poker.

What did we miss?


Since HR is still interviewing Stefons, we'll take a crack at it. To avoid the early 20 crowd, the Palms and Hard Rock clubs are probably out (more so Palms). The super clubs (think Marquee and Tao) cater to all ages, but are going to see their fair share of fist-pumpin'. Take a look at Voodoo Lounge on top of the Rio for its views, the Cosmopolitan pool concerts, or some Climaxx-less nightlife at Wynn and Encore. Don't forget about our three favorite lounges for some nightlife fun, either.

What else should the soon-to-be-30 Australian do with her husband in Vegas? Post your (clean) recommendations in the comments below!

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