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Five Reasons To Visit Estiatorio Milos

Where: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
May 15, 2012 at 11:58 AM | by | ()

Costas Spiliadis has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, but this big-a** fish isn't one of them.

The Cosmopolitan's Greek restaurant, Estiatorio Milos, is one of those spots that's been on our must visit list for months, but we hadn't made happen. Friends have visited without us and endlessly rubbed it in raved about it. Yelp reviews are pretty amazing and, in fact, the only gripe we've ever really heard is that it's a tad pricey. Our doctor tells us we don't eat enough fish to boot yet still we'd failed to make our appearance until Vegas Uncork'd last weekend.

Disguised under the theme At The Fish Market with Costas Spiliadis where guests would learn chef's secrets from selecting quality fish at the market to preparations they could use at home, we accepted an invitation to attend and finally experience that Greek magic. Due to the format, we can't quite review a true first person Estiatorio Milos dining experience, but we can say what we did have was pretty flipping fantastic. So much so that we became that annoying diner that endlessly raved about it to anyone who couldn't escape cared to listen in the days following.

Pending a proper meal, which has officially now moved up our must-do soon and often list, we can confidently provide Five Reasons to Visit Estiatorio Milos, stat:

We know! We couldn't keep our mouths shut after eating here, either.

Fresh fish at a seafood restaurant. Duh, what seafood wouldn't be worth it's salt-encrusted seabass if the expiration date had passed? Most of the fish seen below had just flown in from Greece a few hours prior. Likely under the lure of free Peepshow tickets. As Greek god chef Spiliadis pointed out, a few hundred pounds of fish and not a remote sign of fish smell. A sniff of ocean maybe, but otherwise the rumor is true: fresh fish doesn't smell like fish. Another sign your next meal is fresh is in the eyes: the peepers should be clear while the gills don't mean a thing.

These Greek tourists were so fresh, in fact, that many of them were still stretching their legs from the flight. Which caught us quite by surprise as we lurked near the seafood display. And, therein, lies the first reason to visit Estiatorio Milos: the seafood show. Whether just to take in the beautiful collection of swimmers, admire their slick dance moves, or root for Lenny the lobster as staff whack him into staying in place with blocks of ice. Yes, we named him Lenny.

Of course they all froze on camera...

Vegetarians need not be left out as cartons of fresh veggies are stacked just beyond the seafood extravaganza. Personally, this writer isn't vegetarian so we can't speak to whether reason number two would rate the same spectacle as its living neighbor. But, it was the only picture we had of Lenny the Lobster being smacked in the background. And, we promised five reasons.

Our table companions at the Fish Market event vocally confirmed that we aren't the only diners generally intimidated by sommeliers. Rightfully so or not, some (but not all) soms we come across make it known we aren't quite as knowledgeable about wines as their degree earned them the right to be. So, rather than order pinot gris when pinot noir is called for or risk not choosing the "right priced" wine, we often skip soliciting the som's opinion. That and pizza joints don't tend to staff them.

So meeting an extremely knowledgeable, but more than approachable sommelier in Mark Wirtala was a breath of fresh fish air. Wirtala not only knew his restaurant's Greek wines inside and out, but exactly which other restaurants could serve the same glass. The answer: slim to literally none. He volunteered an answer for every silly question we had about Greek wines, alcohol, and food. When we searched the memory banks for the name of a California Greek restaurant (as in located in California, not some fusion format) he named it before we could finish the thought.

In summary, if all sommeliers were like Mark Wirtala, restaurants would sell a lot more wine.

Not Mark Wirtala. But, just as wonderful.

Our new best som let us in on another Estiatorio Milos secret: it is employer to the Cosmopolitan's best bartender, Tony. Hotel neighbors to the Chandelier and Vesper bars, this is a lofty statement. One we didn't have the opportunity to test, but were intrigued enough into believing. Next time at Cosmopolitan in search of a cocktail, skip the signature bars, head to Estiatorio Milos and ask for Tony.

Enough of the song and dance, Pappagiorgio. As we said previously, the fish market event wasn't a format suited for a proper review. But, each bite we sampled left us wanting much, much more.

From the best tzatziki to ever touch our lips:

To a lobster we doubt needs any description:

The Salt Crusted Oven Baked Sea Bass serves 6-8 people but after tasting we would have no hesitations taking it to Man vs. Food solo. For those that can better control their appetites, we recommend grabbing five to seven fish-loving friends as soon as possible. (Pst.. make it five -- why share more than needed?)

There's fish in them thar salt hills.

Our meal finished with a perfect tasting trio of Baklava, Galaktoboureko, and Chocolate Sin.

Estiatorio Milos at the Cosmopolitan is open for dinner seven nights a week beginning at 5:30 p.m. Lunch is served noon to 2:30 p.m. Call 877.893.2003 for reservations.

Full Disclosure: VegasChatter attended a limited number of Vegas Uncork'd events as a member of the press corp.

Archived Comments:

Don't forget the $20.12 lunch deal

We just ate there yesterday and really enjoyed it.  Appetizer courses were pretty small, entrees (I upgraded for lobster pasta and my wife had the bass) were great and I'd recommend the yogurt martini for dessert.  The cake I selected was supposed to come with ice cream but they were out and didn't tell me until they served it.

Patio was open and a nice setting but just about 5 degrees too warm so we stayed inside.

I believe it is only available on weekdays but on a Monday it wasn't too busy though you can make a reservation if you want to be safe.

Question about that lunch deal!

Is it $20.12 per course, or $20.12 for all three courses?


$20.12 for 3 courses. 3 delicious courses.


@binciong reminded me I'd failed to add the dessert photo which was just as every bit as good as the previous courses!