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Where Should a Lucky 12 Year Old Stay: Mandarin Oriental or Wynn?

May 23, 2012 at 7:44 PM | by | ()

Time for another VegasChatter Question! Already? Yes, our amazing readers have great questions! Do you have a question about Vegas, too? We bet you do. Send it to us and if we deem it clean enough, we'll post it here on VegasChatter!

Yet another question has landed in our inbox and it's an important one. A concerned reader writes:

We will be visiting las vegas in July with husband and son 12 years. Our friend suggested The Wynn but I read that Mandarin Oriental is number one!!!

Yes, indeed you read on VegasChatter that Mandarin Oriental is #1, according to TripAdvisor. But while the posh hotel has won the hearts of guests who like to write online reviews, something inside of us is telling us to go for The Wynn instead.

After all, it's a gaming property which will surely impress your son, even if he's too young to gamble. (Not that this stopped Bobbi Kristina.) The Wynn also has an expansive pool scene which your son will also love. (Isn't the #1 most important amenity when taking a kid on vacation the pool?)

Plus, the Wynn is closer to Fashion Show Mall, the animals at The Mirage and the sirens and pirates of Treasure Island, all good places to hit up and within reasonable walking distances.

The Mandarin is only close to CityCenter which is not that kid-friendly, although the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood across the street could be fun.

But, when you break it down price-wise, we found rooms at the Wynn for the first weekend of July for $309 a night for a room with double beds. That same weekend, a Strip View room with double beds at the Mandarin was just $295 a night. Plus, if you stay more than two nights, you get a third night free. So in that sense, the Mandarin might be the better deal. Whatever you decide, just be sure to let us know how your stay went! (p.s., can you adopt us?)

What do you think is better for this family--The Wynn or The Mandarin Oriental? Let us know what you would pick in comments below!

Archived Comments:


What kind of a parent brings their kid to vegas on vacation? Use your vacation for something the kid will enjoy and not a gambling town


I would recommend the Grand Californian Lodge @ Disneyland or the Polynesian @ Disney World.

Sirens of TI?

Are you seriously recommending taking a 12yo to a show about horney pirates humping wenches in lingerie?  Get real, Vegas Chatter.  I love your posts, but this one is absurd.

Go with The Mandarin

City Center is within reasonable walking distance to the M&M candy store as well as the Coca-Cola store.  (Buy the internatonal taste samples of different beverages).  There's the new McDonalds and the shops inside Planet Hollywood right across the street.  You can take the tram (what 12 year old doesn't love trains) to the Bellagio for the fountains or to Monte Carlo to shorten the walk to New York, New York & Excalibur.

Dispite what Clark Griswlold might suggest...

Las Vegas just isn't a family destination.
Stay if you must, I'd go Wynn.


If your son wants to access Facebook to organize what will likely be a large photo gallery of his Vegas trip, remember that Mandarin charges a lot per day for WiFi.


Why not take your 12 year old to Disneyland, they have some brand new rides and kids will love a chance to meet their favourite cartoon character.

Take it easy guys...

She was just trying to help out a reader by answering their question.  There are a good chunk of things for kids to do here in Vegas, just also a lot of things you have to shield them from...  I remember when I was 10 and my parents took us to Reno during our San Francisco trip.  We stayed at Circus Circus up there and I had a ball!!!  And Vegas has tons more options for kids then Reno did.  Though on that same trip I also got to witness a plus-sized prostitute fight on Virginia St...  Oh well, as I said, just got to do your best to shield them from the bad stuff.

One more thing...

If you don't want your kids to see the nudey cards and prostitute ad's all over the strip, I'd suggest to rent a car here and drive from property to property if you have the option... Less chance of having to explain why that girl on that card on the ground is naked and giving out her phone #....

If you have to avoid so much...

...then you may as well go where you don't have to.  There isn't anything that a child can do in Sin City that they can't do where families are meant to be. This always ends up being about what the PARENTS really want, not the kids.  Hell, even Vegas Chatter showed their cluelessness by suggesting a sexual-innuendo show to take the kid to.  Get real.