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What's The Early Word on Gordon Ramsay's Steakhouse?

Where: 3655 South Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89109
May 25, 2012 at 12:33 PM | by | ()

Gordon Ramsay finally opened his long-rumored and awaited steakhouse earlier this month to much fanfare and flashbulbs. He won us over with his animated enthusiasm while a peek at the restaurant's extravagant details and marbled meats wowed us.

We stated we couldn't wait to go back, and we will. But, we're a curious set here at VegasChatter. (Recall that we stopped back just to spy the menu before it was online.) So, with a restaurant as anticipated and hyped as Ramsay's, we couldn't help but peek at what early diners are saying about the place.

It's a small sample size so we wouldn't form a final opinion on it yet, but what sticks out in early reviews? Trolling Yelp, we learned of a limited edition tasting menu that includes Bread, Colcannon, Roasted Beets, Asparagus Soup, Roasted Beef Wellington, and Tropical Panna Cotta. Fans Diners have been most excited to take home the autographed tasting menu included with the meal. For the thirsty set, the cocktail menu is in the form of an iPad. Of course, it is.

Here are excerpts from the good, the bad, and the mixed reviews on Yelp:

· The entire experience was so well thought out. (Given a) tour/explanation of the restaurant, detailing the designs and the thought behind the ambiance. A nice little touch
· Perhaps the best part of the meal was the service
· Knowledge and professionalism shown was out of this world for a new place
· This is what a steak house-what EVERY RESTAURANT-should be about: details, taste, experience. Spotted dick dessert sumptuous! (You thought we could resist including this one? Because of the repeat mentions of details and complete experience, that is)
· If...one of the most renowned chefs in the world were to give you anything but the finest cut of meat you've ever had, it's easy to immediately downgrade the count to 3 stars...So when a restaurant like Gordon Ramsay Steak receives a 5 star rating, you can be assured that this place is definitely no joke
· SW was #1 on my list in vegas but this is definitely better and we will be back next week
· Beef wellington is his signature dish and it was absolutely perfect. The meat was sooo tender (all of them are cooked to medium-rare) and the puff pastry crust with the mushroom puree complimented the meat perfectly
· Isn't cheap but isn't insane. Expect to pay around 100 each person plus tip. The food is worth it, and this comes from a guy who has no problems making complaints
· The food was other worldly and the table agreed that not only is this the best steakhouse we had ever been to, this was the best place in Vegas any of us had ever eaten. Michael Mina is great, Ogden's is great, but this food was literally perfect. The American Kobe filet...really did melt in your mouth

· British signature dishes are the standouts. As a steakhouse, it falls in the middle of the pack in price and quality behind Cut, StripSteak, and CraftSteak
· Entrees were truly 5-star-worthy (but) we found the tuna to be absolutely and shockingly flavorless. (Our server) had already heard the same from three other tables
· For dessert they are known for their sticky toffee pudding which happens to be (my wife's) favorite and she thought this was the best thing ever. I wasn't a huge fan of it and think the Monkey Bread served at Craftsteak is hands down the best dessert in a steakhouse
· Overall I greatly enjoyed Gordon Ramsay Steak and would return the next time I am in Las Vegas. Was it the best meal I have ever eaten? Maybe not but right on par with the other fine dining establishments I have eaten at

· Returned a side dish (sauteed spinach swimming in butter and salt)

To date there are only a couple other truly bad ratings but they didn't leave much detail for us to sink our teeth into. So, what can we gather in the early going? Nothing that scares us away so far. Perhaps on our visit, we'll skip the appetizers and sides, fill up on the free bread that got some mentions, and save an appetite for the signature dishes and steaks.

Have you had your rock star moment at Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse yet? Tell us about your experience, other worldly or not below!

Archived Comments:

You just pushed this up

on the list of places to dine list a little.

We may need a Mr. P's guide to dining.

Same here

I wasn't in a huge rush myself to get in, but based on the early feedback I'm a bit more excited about trying it now than I was before.


You just upgraded this to "must attend" - in fact, I'm thinking about moving my birthday dinner here just because of this review.


Ya know...not that many years back, you could find great steak dinners almost every major property restaurant in Las Vegas.
You didn't know/care who the chef was and his or her name didn't improve the taste or jack up the price $30,$40,$50, just for the cut of meat.

Way before steak joints became vogue, Tony Marnell built the All American Bar and Grill in the RIO.
He wanted a place where you could get a great steak at a good price.

While ambiance and service are an important quality in any restaurant,
there's still lots of good places to enjoy a great dining experience with out the cost of a celebrity chef.

I agree!

So true, Greg.  It's like having a barcode on your meal.  If it has to be "branded" with a name, it's overpriced and I'll be walking on by.

Greg and Sam

Agreed, in the end I just want a solid meal regardless if it's Ramsay's name or Charlie Brown on the door. (Wait would Charlie be considered celebrity too?)

That's why I wasn't overly enthusiastic about hitting this up before over some other spots, but if the feedback is great it's moved up my list some.  I'll just skip the apps and sides to stick to the good stuff and keep the cost down.


I'm just happy to see a new restaurant that's (seemingly) as good as the hype! Finally!

can't wait !!

Booked in for june 26 ,on my next trip into town . Already know what I am ordering and have studied the menu over and over. So glad to hear the reviews are more than favourable, not that hearing a bad review would dampen my enthusiasm . My thought is to go with the signature beef Wellington  and have to try the mac and cheese truffle , and the sticky Godfrey pudding. Mmmmmmmm and of course a few cold adult beverages to wash it down . Oh my think I just had a wet daydream , excuse me ......

damn spellcheck

Sticky toffee pudding !!!