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It's Better To Play More All at Once, Than Over Time

May 3, 2012 at 2:47 PM | by | ()

We all want comps, but we don't all get comps. The reason may be how and where we spend our money. See, casinos want your money all at once and often in one place. We try not to get too caught up in the math behind comps, but we want to know how to get them - even if we don't always follow the "rules" to maximize.

Basic comps are easy enough to track and are based on points accumulated by playing at any time. If we play slots for an hour or so, we may earn enough points to get a free sandwich. Sweet! However, the cool special offers we receive are often given based on a different, more sketchy, formula called Average Daily Theoretical (ADT). Here's a basic definition from vpFREE:

The average amount that a gambler losses per day for a certain gambling activity. Usually Average Daily Theoretical is expressed in absolute terms (such as dollars) rather then relative (percentage) units."

There are numerous definitions on average daily theoretical spend but, in brief, ADT is based on how much money is gambled per day. Casinos prefer gamblers who will spend $1,000 per day as opposed to the gambler that may spread $1,000 over 3 trips and 10 days. Some casino companies that have multiple properties may only reward you nicely if you play at one casino as opposed to playing at three of their ten properties.

This formula constantly changes and is kept secret by each property. Websites and message boards try to dissect the specifics of these formulas, but that just confuses us. We'd rather gamble than read about the minutia.

Before moving to Las Vegas, this east coast gambler used to receive pretty amazing offers because our play was fairly concentrated into small capsules of time (one or two trips a year). Now that those same casinos are within minutes from us and although the money played is similar, it's spread out a little more. Comps remain similar because money played is similar. Needless to say the offers have decreased. Whatever.

We won't change how we play. As much as we like freebies, we don't play for comps and that won't change. If you have more patience than we do, you can certainly find more information on how ADT is calculated. Just know that consolidated spending is rewarded best by casinos.

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Archived Comments:

ADT SCORE...whatever.

Years back, over on Anthony Curtis'
Las Vegas Advisor message board, there were a couple of 'puzzel' geeks who calimed to have hacked into Harrah's comupter and found the numbers we needed to max out our ADT scores. And it very possibily could have been ture because Harrah's after that, regularly changed the numbers. The puzzel guys would hack in again, share their finding, and folks would enjoy comp nights, free buffets, (FREE WATER, lol), what ever.

In Harrah's eyes, 4 days/3 nights of play was how your ADT score was figured. Stay 5 days and play that 4th day, and you'd screw up your whole score.

I never played for my ADT score. I play what I want/when I want/how ever much I want.
I believe it's the loyalty to one property along with regular stays  and daily play, that really counts in the eyes of your casino.

Sure, your ADT score might play a part...for sure with casual customers, but the bottom line is, they just want us to play...
Three hundred bucks a day for me is my average. I've played less/I've played more. It's always easier when you're winning and playing on 'House' money! lol.

I stay 3,4 nights...4-7 trips a year, get 5 nights comped (almost) every trip so I can basicly say I haven't payed for a room in years.

CET will always love our money more than us but...they do have their way of saying THANK YOU.


I've read similar musings about the CET ADT. They're all different and contradict each other. I think it's just best to go have fun. At least it is for me. :)

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ADT: The Quick Version

The version I heard was, Average Daily Theoretical is based on three things: what you bet on, how much you bet at a time, and how many bets you can be expected to make per day.

For example, let's assume you play craps for 4 hours, and are a $100 pass line player.  There are an average of 36 come-outs per hour, so that's 144 expected $100 bets per day.  The pass line has a house advantage of about 1.41%, so you are expected to lose $1.41 on each come-out, or 144 x 1.41 = $203.04 per day.  Your comps are based on some fraction of this.