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A Reminder About The Strat

Where: 2000 South Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89109
May 9, 2012 at 7:59 PM | by | ()

The Stratosphere has refurbished rooms and, according to this recent article, a whole lot of new. Still, it's usually one of the last places that we consider going or sending people to. Even when people ask us where to go for the best view in town, we've neglected to mention its towering heights. Even when asked point blank. (Sorry, Strat.)

Every once and a while, though, we're reminded that Strat shouldn't be discounted. Not for its "vintage Vegas" entertainment nor its soaring perspective on Las Vegas.

Today's reminder comes from VegasChatter fan Pat L. who sent us a note lauding the restaurant at the top of the Strat:

I have never heard you mention the "Top of the World" restaurant at the Stratosphere. It's a great place to have lunch or dinner and won't cost you an arm and leg. The bar there has a great happy hour as well. It's one of my go-to places when I bring people to Vegas for their first visit. Incredible views of both strip and downtown and no "charge" just to get up to 52 stories.

Thanks for the tsk, Pat! While its location makes its hard to be considered a Vegas "must do," the Strat should definitely be given more consideration by folks willing to venture off the main Strip. There's actually a bottomless happy hour there that we've been thirsting after. (And, for the record, we have mentioned that Top of the World is gimmicky, but worth it, although, it's -- admittedly -- been a while.)

Feel another Vegas venue is more underrated than it should be? Let us know in the comments below!

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Archived Comments:

Top of the World

I will give the Top of the World restaurant props on their food and atmosphere.  But I'd like to know what Pat L. considers an arm and a leg?  I guess I'm kind of a cheapskate when it comes to eating out, but I had a girlfriend take me there for my birthday a few years back, and when I saw the bill I was happy it was MY birthday.  Dinner for 2 with a couple of drinks and a small dessert was $240 including tip.  Little bit past my range of affordable...  But as I said, the food was fantastic, so at least you get your money's worth (kinda...).  And it was great to get a good rotation and a half around the valley during the meal.  I've been meaning to try that 50's(?) style dinner they have in there as well.  I stayed at the Strat my second trip I ever made to Vegas back when I was a tourist, and even back then it was clean and comfortable.  They use to comp you a free show with the stay as well, but I don't know if that is still holding true.  I always warn tourists to avoid walking from the Strat to the rest of the strip after dark, you're better off grabbing a bus ticket than having to risk running into the interesting folks down in the nearby Naked City area...

Suicide?... at lunch time!

Over the years, I'd totally agree...the Strat has never been on my must visit list either however,
a few months ago, I did go over to pick up Show tickets for 'FRANKIE MORINO' (real good Show) and...'BITE' (real bad Show)
I've seen Shows there before but wanted an update for my 'Show Seating Suggestions' I do for several of the Vegas message boards.

By the way, the showroom has been totally remodled...it's great! and
worth the trip over for MORINO and dinner at TOP OF THE WORLD.

The inside of the Strat has a new, fresh look also...it actually looked (almost) inviting save for all the slot machines that still look like they've been painted with BLACK KRYLON spray pain. Walking all around the casino, everything has a new clean face, new carpet, new entry...BIG IMPROVEMENT!

As long as I was there, I decided to go up to the TOP OF THE WORLD restaurant and have lunch. I've had dinner there/never lunch.
The menu was reasonable, good variety and prices. I went alittle over and had the Chef's Choice combo Steak 'n Lobster (fifty bucks)...real good though!
Day or night, the view is always wonderful!

(now the suicide part...)While in the middle of a wonderful mouth full...a body falls past my window!
A bit unsettling I must say but then...I remembered...THE BUNGEE JUMP RIDE THINGIE on top of the Stratosphere.
These two fell by so fast you couldn't see the cord, they just looked like they'd jumped off...just another couple of loosers...victoms of the BLACK KRYLON MACHINES downstairs...Oh well, WHAT'S FOR DESSERT?

No Strat is an Island

It's well worth the trip to that stand-alone icon of The North Strip - Stratosphere. Yes, the lofty restaurants have lofty prices - but the food as well as the view is excellent.

The restaurants on the ground are a great value for family fare.  I recommend the Italian eatery called Fellini's and the American diner called Roxy's - both right off the casino floor.

If you tire of the full-service meals head up into the cute little mall above the casino for a McDonald's burger or for a hot slice at the outstanding Tower Pizzeria (which puts thick slices of home-style sausage on the sausage pizza).

arm and a leg

i went for the set menu at lunch last year which was reasonable (i don't remember but around $80 all in for two of us, sitting there for a couple of hours, eating till we burst and drinking wine)

but i spoke to someone on the plane this weekend who went for a post-wedding dinner and they were charged $350 last weekend. THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS.

food at lunch was pretty mediocre. at dinner at my wedding that would make me weep