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Where To Stay When Vegas Is Fun, But Quiet Is Key?

May 7, 2012 at 8:03 PM | by | ()

Time for another VegasChatter Question! Do you have a question about Vegas? Send it to us and if we deem it clean enough, we'll post it here on VegasChatter!

Today we're fielding a request from reader Derek who wants to bring his parents to Vegas for another fun-filled Vegas trip. The only thing is, they don't want the fun of Vegas to follow them back to their hotel room. Derek writes:

Hi Vegas Chatter chaps, I know this might seem a strange question, as the whole point of Vegas is that it's a lively, noisy, 24/7 kinda place, but I do have a very good reason for asking it.

I am hoping to venture back to Vegas later this year on a trip with my parents, who are both in their mid sixties. They have been to Vegas twice before & loved it except for one big problem, both hotels were far too noisy at night for them to sleep properly. Once they were in a room overlooking a pool, which became a club at night, & the second time the hotel seemed to be full of spring breakers partying in their rooms.

They both would dearly love to go back, but as much as they love the madness of Vegas, when they want to sleep they want a little peace. I know such a thing can't be guaranteed in any hotel in the world, let alone Vegas, but are there any particular places we should consider that are more likely to be quieter at night, less likely to attract a party crowd, no poolside nightclubs, etc?

On the Strip or as near as possible would be ideal as we may only have three nights and don't want to spend too much time and money commuting. Price is not too much of an issue, as we are happy to pay to get what we want (within reason!) to avoid the problems they have had before. Again, sorry if this seems an odd request, but when you get to my parents age (and mine in fact), once the noise and craziness of Vegas finally hits you, it's nice to have someone to relax in peace. Hope you can help!

Well Derek, we received your question while holed up at the Signature at MGM Grand and it was blissfully quiet, even with our room being right near the elevator.

That's because the Signature's three separate towers are all non-gaming and non-smoking properties, making it a favorite amongst older couples and pregnant ladies (like this VegasChatter writer). Each room comes with at least a kitchenette with appliances and utensils (as shown below), a private balcony and a large spacious bathroom. The decor is a little ho-hum and uninspired which can make you feel as if you're far away from the glitz of Las Vegas but fortunately, the casino at MGM Grand is not too far away. The Signature offers a covered walkway to the casino, complete with a couple of people-movers so you don't have to walk the entire distance.

Another thing we liked was the quickness of the elevators. We hardly had to wait when we were coming and going. We also hit up the Starbucks in Tower 1 both mornings for (overpriced) coffee but there's also a Delights cafe in Tower 2 serving more substantial meals than Starbucks oatmeal.

Each tower also has its own pool scene. These are seriously low-key pool scenes although there are specialty cocktails available poolside and Top 40 music softly playing in the background. However, we have heard that from some of the rooms in Tower 1 you can see and, presumably hear, the pool parties of Wet Republic so just make note of that.

We found our room on Expedia for $94 a night, plus a $25 resort fee. While that includes internet and fitness center access it doesn't include bottled water.

Other good options for a quiet hotel near the Strip would be the Mandarin Oriental and Vdara at CityCenter.

Got a different recommendation for a quiet place to stay in Vegas near the Strip? Tell us in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Disagree a bit...

Tower 1 facing Wet Republic is a poor choice during pool season. You get nothing but drunk collage guys hanging out on the balconies drinking and watching the going-ons at Wet Republic. And usually are very loud!
With that in mind the other Towers are pretty nice, but do to them being so close to the MGM you have to make sure no conventions are going on as they are usually booked. Their are other places that are near the strip, like the Platinum on flamingo, or Trump, both are quiet and within a block or so to the strip. They are a little pricey, but that keeps the collage kids and the business conventioneers away from them so you never have to worry about them being solidly booked.


It's not overly crowded and not really a family joint, so no kids. Get a mountain view to ensure you don't hear the TI ship booms.

Wet Republic IS a concern

I mentioned that Tower 1 has prime views of Wet Republic so that should be taken into consideration. However, I checked into Tower 1 last Sunday at 5pm and I heard/saw absolutely nothing. I expected even some drunk Wet Republic stragglers in Signature but saw none, much to my dismay.

The Trump is another good option but you have to get a room away from the train that blares through in the middle of the night. Get a room facing out towards the Strip.

From Val L. on Facebook

"Why would one go to Vegas for peace and quiet? seems to defeat the purpose."

From Andy S. on Facebook

"The Villas at Wynn are outstanding. They face the back/golf course and are very private and quiet.

The Marriott Grand Chateau is a nice timeshare that is very quiet (located behind/other side of the street from Planet Hollywood), and is much more affordable than the Wynn Villas. T

here is also the Aliante which is out there by itself and has everything you need all in one spot (movie theater, food court, restaurants, gaming, pool, beautiful hotel, etc). So those are a few."

From Nicole G. on Facebook


From Eric B. on Facebook

"4 seasons"

From Kim R. on Facebook


From Nikki M. on Facebook

"Vista suites at THe Hotel at Mandalay Bay are pretty Swinging In a mellow sort of way."

From Steve A. on Facebook

"Red Rock!"

From Don R. on Facebook

"Trump. It's off the Vegas strip, quiet, no gambling and double doors to your room. A great place to relax and take a break."

Trump and The Train

If Trump, make sure to ask for the side of the building that does NOT face the railroad tracks. There is a heavily used railroad crossing on the east side of Trump.

Don't overlook The Rio. I'm sure it would be easy to ask for a room without exposure to the pool, and no all-night club-like pool party either way.


time for a bit of self promotion, so forgive me... BUT any of the Hilton Grand Vacations properties are casino and party free.  I would recommend the one on 455 karen ave. known as Hilton Grand Vacations - Las Vegas.  The property just renovated the rooms in January and the Lobby was just completed last week, its a smaller property (420 rooms) but it keeps the crowds down, especially by the pool.  Also aside from older owners staying here, the majority of the crowds are conventioners (quiet) Also know for our great staff :)(see Trip Advisor) Definately check it out :)

On the strip

Was surprised how loud the Venetian was. The room we were in had the floorplan where the bed area was closer to the door and we heard too many slamming doors.Plaza was loud also.
Mirage Petite Suite was quiet and so was a tower room at the MGM Grand- I think because the elevators are not located on the same hallway as the rooms. To me, elevator noise is the worst!