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Hard Rock Rockin' A Lot Of Changes (Still)

Where: 4455 Paradise Road [map], 89169
June 27, 2012 at 9:20 PM | by | ()

It may still look the same on the outside, but inside things are changing at the Hard Rock. Or, perhaps we should say, things are still changing at the HRH.

The latest issue of Backstage Magazine, the Hard Rock's in-room publication, features a two-page article detailing all the new and/or upcoming additions. Entitled "Turning Over A New Rock," the post touches on the changes poolside (from new names to a new experience), in the resort's dining spaces (a reno of Mr. Lucky's which includes the removal of a wall, the upcoming arrival of Culinary Dropout) and more (new seating in Center Bar and at Registration as well as the opening of Vinyl, a new 'multi-use' space).

It's quite a lot of changes. And, that's not even counting a revamped players club, stealing Pauly D from the Palms (not sure if this is a plus), disappearing slots, the closure of Rare 120, the opening of 35 Steaks and (here's that word again) more.

And, while Hard Rock execs call it "continually reinventing ourselves and pushing the envelope," guests call it... well, read the thoughts of recent visitor Caramba for yourself:

...construction barricades are everywhere. The casino floor. The bell desk. The VIP check in. The entire rotunda around the main casino floor.

Seems like there has been some kind of construction going on at HRH since, wow, thinking back... since I've been going to the place.

So years ago, the high limit room moved to make way for H&H Tattoo Co., then it closed to make way for Wasted Space. Then Wasted Space closed and became the sports book. Now the bar portion of the sports book is main registration. The players club desk used to be by security, then it moved to the Joint hallway, now it is back on the main floor next to where VIP check-in used to be. The cigar shop closed to make way for a boutique bar, the new poker room was gutted and changed to a small stage venue. The sundries shop hopped across the hall to a new location. Mr. Lucky's has been renovated with a new entrance location. Everything else in the main room, including the Joint entrance, is shrouded with construction barriers.

And those are just the changes I can think of off the top of my head. I don't understand why HRH always has to be under construction - they may be in better financial shape if they weren't dumping so much money into constant renovations.

Anyway, just thought I'd point it out. Other casinos plan major renovations every few years, but HRH is always under construction.

We know that in Vegas, change is always going to come. But, in this case, will it get you to come to the Hard Rock? Or, come more often? Or, will all this talk of construction change only keep you away?

Archived Comments:

Still not really attracting me...........

In all my visits to Vegas, I've never made it out to the Hard Rock.  And it's not because it's too far off the strip.
It's because they seem so dedicated to attracing the super-hip, Jersey Shore crowd, and no one else.  And as a guy who likes to simply play craps, sit at the bar and play VP, and just wander about a bit, the idea of being with that crowd just doesn't do it for me.  Although lately, they have had some good hotel prices.

Have given it a chance

For me the biggest reason I have never stayed at HRH is location.  When I travel to Vegas a couple times a year, I like to be on the strip as I like to do a lot of walking between properties during my stay.

I have wandered over to HRH several times but nothing really entices me to stay there.  I was recently at MGM Grand for the weekend, and even their renovations were a bit too much for me, so I would definitely avoid HRH if the review in your article is accurate.

HARD ROCK 6/24/2012

I don't stay there much these days...I've passed beyond their target demographic, lol, however...
last Sunday I had a room for after the 'DUKES OF SEPTEMBER' Show in the JOINT and left the following morning at 7am (i know, why even get a room...) it was comp so wtf.

I've watch lots of changes come 'n go at the Hard Rock since it opened and not too long ago, noticed all the construction barricades but...
this stay, most of 'em were gone.

You could navigate all around the upper circle, many of the new locations were up and running...
Mr. Lucky's new 'patio' area that's open to the newer casino area is done and it was quite busy (all hours)AND...the 'not on the menu' Steak, salad and Shrip is still available if you ask. The Prime Rib is gone.

Both the old and new registration areas are free of construction mess...Yes, slots seem fewer than before/craps and table games rule but more video poker has been added.

I chose a (quiet) room in the old Casino Tower (it was Rehab Sunday...)
I don't care much for the 'Rock' any more. Too many drunk, loud, sometimes totally out of control younger guests.
I'll contiue to see shows at the JOINT, but it's IN 'N OUT for me.

Hmmm, that reminds me...a double double cheese burger animal style w/fries sounds GREAT right now..DOESN'T IT!

I miss Wasted Space

I have stayed at HRH a few times.  If you can get a deal the HRH tower is great.  Not being ont he strip is fine because how many times do you need to see a fountain, plus casino has great atmosphere, and no rubes wandering around looking for a volcano or a quick bathroom break.  Have to say I completely agree that the constant reno's are annoying, and I think closing Wasted Space was a big mistake.  It was a unique Vegas bar, and always a good time, no matter what the live entertainment was.  Actually, haven't stayed at HRH  since they closed it.
I read recently that Rehab was up to $70...that is ridiculous!